THE 34 BSRI ENGINE The only way out of the Matrix STEP OUT THE NEW AGE PSYCHOTRONIC GENERATOR The New Age Psychotronic Generator will amplify your biophysical field to superboost the efficiency of ANY new age activity. READ HOW TO USE THE ULTIMATE PYRAMID PSYCHOTRONIC GENERATOR The ultimate remote influencing in the personal domain needs to use derivatives of ancient Eygptian magic because they set the energy fields in use by Western Illuminati who use Kabbalistic magic to control the West. Kabbalism is a bastardisation of ancient Eygptian magic. READ MORE READ MORE


34 BSRI-Engine Bone Generators™

Tim Rifat the creator of Bone Generators™, the ultimate way to pack supernatural spirit power into your body by use of your own bones, specially charged as fountains of youth, mind over matter generators, quantum computers, Psychotronic Crystals™, now offers his 34 BSRI-Engine the only way out of the Matrix now as Bone Generators™. This means you don’t have to carry bulky crystals around, they can’t get tampered with, you can’t get separated from them, they don’t get damaged and more importantly they are infinitely more effective than Psychotronic Crystals™.

This is because the bones are your store of quantum glue, Hyperinfinity, the will to cause reality to go your way, mind over matter. That is why Psi-Lord Ltd is centred around our RV website, Russia being the scene of a new renaissance in humanity free from Zionist Satanist Illuminati Judaism. As the Bone Generators™ incorporate your own store of Hyperinfinity, the operator that makes Quantum Wave Functions become incorporated with your Hyperinfinity localised in your bones gives your Psychotronic Crystals™ the Hyperinfinity to control mind over matter and as they are in you, the effect on your body is infinitely greater than crystals external to your body; your Soul coexists with your body so the Bone Generators™ are the only way to lock Soul and Spirit, Soul and Mind, Soul and Body, Mind and Body, using the quantum computing engine of the Psychotronic Crystals™ in your Hyperinfinity reservoirs – your bones – Bone Generators™.

Psychotronic Crystals™ are the exclusive intellectual property and legal property of Psi-Lord Ltd if you see anyone else advertising Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generators™, Sublime Good™, then be aware these are criminal fraudsters such as, Sufi, Mystic all Satanist government conmen (Warnings) buying any counterfeit product from them forever locks you into the Matrix, drives you mad, ill and possesses you with Demons of you own freewill (Hyperinfinity). Only Psi-Lord Ltd is allowed to sell Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generators™, Sublime Good™.

As the 34 BSRI-Engine Bone Generators™ are so powerful they have only been sold as special order to our Bone Psi-Masters™. Now for the first time they are available to new clients. They come as E-Certificates you can download 156 times on your hard drive to get your computer to act as an external 34 BSRI-Engine so you can double up your power or run your 24 BSRI-E on thousands of remote hard drives (see and The ultimate way to use virtual space for Bone Generator™ power.

Costs are:

The High Power new age Psychotronic Generator

The standard PC for all new age activity. Its Psychotronic battery capacity is such that all new age BPC activities can be safely supplied for amplification and optimisation. Since the new age PC is self charging the Psychotronic generator needs no costly recharging, it works for life. Bioparticle for physical new age events such as healing, body remodelling, telekineis.

The Superpower new age PC

A larger version crystal for those new age groups who require group BPC amplification. All group new age activities are covered by the power output of this PC so it is ample for all groups. It is also useful for new age therapists who deal with many patients during the day and require all day long high power healing amplification.

The Ultrapower new age PC

An even larger PC with a very high power output especially of dark energy/matter. This is needed for Toltec shamanism (see Castaneda’s Art of Dreaming), voodoo, chaos magick, high level witchcraft, etc. It is optimised to empower and protect negating the evil of: so using incomplete, wrong rituals do not backfire on you. The PC also expands around you a bubble of protection so high level work is not interfered with by Illuminati, demonic forces, (see so you will not be harmed by dangerous procedures.