Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing can only be carried out safely and effectively using Psi-Lord Ltd exclusive technology. Safety and effectiveness are exclusive to only Tim Rifat products.


In Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing your biophysical body has to move (in extreme forms, bi-locate) to the target. Be it a military centre or enemy person to be Remotely Viewed or Remote Influenced. Tim Rifat is Europe’s leading expert on Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing having had published 3 books on Remote Viewing: Remote Viewing the history and science of Psychic Warfare: Random House; 1999… by major publishing houses – not self published. His life has been in constant danger since he refused to work for Britain’s Secret Service, making him free to publish any cutting edge research. Now the problem with Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing  is that while your biophysical body is out travelling (your Soul), Supernatural Spirits walk into your body and takeover – meaning you get possessed.

As you Remotely View and Remote Influence your energy bodies light up like a firefly as Hyperinfinity is transferred to your biophysical body, that drifts off and leaves your physical body vulnerable to possession. Hyperinfinity is the force of free will that keeps your body from being possessed while sleeping as it resides normally in your skeleton. Hence Bone Generators® the exclusive trademarked property of Tim Rifat. When you go Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing your free will, Hyperinfinity, flows into your biophysical body that then drifts off to do Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Your physical body is now deficient in Hyperinfinity that acts as a safeguard to full possession. So all Remote Viewers and Remote Influencers get possessed by Supernatural Spirits. This means no sane person should use any Remote influencing or Remote Viewing protocols sold by anyone but Tim Rifat.

This is because all Tim Rifat’s Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing protects your physical body from possession while your biophysical body is away. All these technologies are fully trademarked and the exclusive intellectual property of Tim Rifat. If you see any counterfeiters copying our trademarked property be sure it doesn’t work and please e-mail us so we can add them to our warnings and sue for damages if applicable.

How is the physical body protected?

  • The Remote Viewing and Remote Sensing E-Courses on www.psi-master.com come with Biophysical Augmented Intelligences to guard your physical body while you have vacated it, to kill all Supernatural Spirits that possess you.
  • The Crystal version of Psychotronic Generators™ trademarked as Psychotronic Crystals® fill your body with devic crystal Hyperinfinity to lock out all possessing Supernatural Spirits: www.psychotronicgenerators.com www.psychotroniccrystals.com – you cannot buy working Crystal Psychotronic Generators™ from anyone else; see Warnings about Loohan.com, LifeTech.org, NewTarot.com, MysticalWonders.org, the US/British Satanist governments criminal counterfeiter operations to open you up to possession.
  • The Bone Generator® that remotely fills your skeleton with Hyperinfinity to make your bones kill all Supernatural Spirits to stop all possession by any entities. This trademarked exclusive technology is primarily on www.supernaturalspirit.com
  • The Sublime Good® Engine technology to dump toxic Evil like Supernatural Spirits into Evil and suck them dry of all good – Sublime Good® to fuel your power. This is the exclusive trademarked technology of Tim Rifat found on www.psychotronicgenerators.com www.supernaturalspirit.comwww.mindovermatter.ru – and  www.psychicpower.ru

If you have bought any Remote Viewing or Remote Influencing tape, CD… from ex-government employees of the US/Britain… you need to exorcise the Demon now in you while you went voyaging unprotected. The Exorcism Service is on www.mindovermatter.ru (link here)- www.supernaturalspirit.com section under Services (link here)

The Exorcism Service will cleanse you of all the Supernatural Spirit leeches in you, which you may be unaware of but block all psychic powers and destabilise you leading to mental illness and ill health. Be safe and cleanse your body from these parasites before it is too late. Then always use Psi-Lord Ltd products.


Why Remote Viewing Remote Influencing and the Matrix is the exclusive domain and controlled by completely by Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord.

All other Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing companies and users being Sequestered by Psi-Lord Ltd’s exclusive technology which is fully trademarked and copy protected so all counterfeiters act as ScapeGoats, Total DeathGoat Zionists… for the betterment of our technology Replicant Vehicle Science – RV Science based on 5D Kline Bottle Psychotronic Crystals®, Bone Generators®, Psychotronic Generators™, Psychotronic Crystalware™, Crystalware and Sublime Good® Engines.

We know all US and British/EU Remote Viewing doesn’t work as they can’t find any terrorist or use RI to get the Moslems to stop fighting. Afghanistan lost, in Iraq the US tax payer has to pay billions tot he Sunni insurgents to stop them killing US occupiers, the attack on Russia by Israel led by US special forces in South Ossettia (formerly Georgia) failed even though all the US/Nato Remote Influencers targeted Putin’s Russia to not fight and allow the invasion of South Ossettia and Aukhasia. All these prove all US/Nato Remote Influencing has not only no effect but is reversed so all US/Nato Remote Influencing backfires.

It is said that:

All US Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing companies are run by or founded by ex-operatives who are forbidden by Federal Law to reveal anything that could damage National Security.

None of these ex-operatives of the CIA, DIA… are in Leavenworth Jail so they have revealed nothing of any real value therefore they must be:-

Purveyors of disinformation to occlude the real knowledge of working Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

Their companies block by means of massive Federal funding all non ex-operatives who might have valuable and dangerous Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing damaging to US/Nato National Security.

The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, probablefutures.com has breached trademark law by advertising themselves as having connection to Psychotronic Crystals® the trademark of Tim Rifat. This is like Jo the plumber stating he is Sony® because he is a plumber (unregistered!) Now Psi-Lord Ltd would never infer any connection to Sony® even though the latter funded a multimillion centre specialising in psychic research technology. Sony® failed to develop this technology Psi Lord Ltd has developed it, Joe the plumber or probablefutures.com are just intellectual property thieves.

The Illuminati know that the CD’s and cassettes sold by these ex-operatives are no danger to them as only energy matters to psychic development. So if a wageslave learns any Remote Influencing protocols or Remote Viewing Technology anyone with more energy can block their efforts and use them in surrogate stooges – ScapeGoats. Until 1986 the Illuminati controlled all avenues of psychic energy and power, now Tim Rifat has Sequestered that Total Control. Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing run on energy lots and lots of energy, only Psychotronic Crystals®, Bone Generators® and the pure energy of Sublime Good® technology enable Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing on anyone or anything in or out of the Matrix.

The Matrix is a Chaos Sequestration in the Kabbalah. Ex-operatives run by the Talmudic Zionists NSA Rothschilds… are not allowed to give any information on the real Kabbalah so everything they write on the Matrix is bogus disinformation, so all their technologies to control the Matrix use you as ScapeGoats.

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