The problem with mankind is not human but rather a result of the foreign installation, a dark energy/matter entity having possessed human’s energy bodies in a parasitic manner. Awareness is destroyed and replaced with a pseudo consciousness that we all accept as being our mind. This is an advanced form of RI, making the target an energetic zombie, then placing a servitor in the victim to control their thoughts and therefore their actions. In Westerners this condition is taken to it’s logical conclusion, the Anglo Demonic Reality: see and

In the early part of my development I had great trouble ridding myself of this unwanted parasite. When one rids one’s mind of it using meditation, concentrating on inner silence, or the agglutinising force that binds the energy body together, one finds the parasite is removed but returns once normal matrix-like consciousness is restored. Exorcising these dark energy/matter parasites permanently requires that one damages all of them simultaneously because the parasite is a hive mind. The parasite in you sits on the top of your energy body and is connected by an energy cable to the insectile who runs the herd of humans to which you are joined by this energetic cable. The insectile is part of a hive which supplies energy to their hosts the inorganic beings described by Castaneda in: “The Art of Dreaming…” Thus once you rid yourself of one of these insectiles, more come along because they breed like flies given a large food source – humans.

Dark energy/matter entities do not inhabit the awareness domain of light energy/matter beings, they do not have physical bodies, instead their dreaming body is binary: energy and non-corporeal dark matter. They have seven different types of awareness domains they can inhabit – seven different types of dream in which they simultaneously exist and are types of space – like time, to them time is just a distance which they can traverse like a corridor. This means that shredding these entities properly requires seven different PC’s tuned to each of the different types of dark matter/energy realities. That is why there are seven Psycrystals that use the shredded insectiles to power them and I have designed each one to use this energy to empower RV, Love, Luck, Money, Health… to shred insectiles or any other dark energy/matter entities one needs to simultaneously shred them in their seven different dimensions so they have no where to escape but into their space – like time to avoid destruction. One then needs to have seven bioparticles to shred the matter aspect of these entities. This drives the entity to try and escape via the space-like time, in it’s totality, so it can be completely, irrevocably destroyed.

Time travels from left to right in our mind’s eye so holding the large left hand awareness PC in your left hand, while placing the seven psycrystals at your feet in a circle around you, accesses this torsion field shredder (remember to place the bioparticles at the points of the seven psycrystals which should be pointing toward the centre of the circle (see photo on my website.) This past is blocked by the right hand awareness PC in your right hand which collects the insectile entity… and totally shreds it. Since you are connected to the insectile by your parasite it is drawn into your exorcism shredder PC assembly rather like a conveyor belt taking a victim into a shredder. The parasite is first expunged, then the insectile, then all it’s other parasites buried in it’s human herd, then it’s fellow hive insectiles and their parasite flock, then more insectiles…. leading back to the inorganic beings.

This process gives the human access to the energy of the humans in the insectile’s flock giving you both light and dark energy. The left awareness PC collects all the energy that would be taken away from you in the future, the energy that would be taken away from you in the future, the energy stolen you after your death as you are further processed by the entities in the after life, as well as the energy stolen from you again after you are killed as a spirit, when your awareness has been corrupted enough to enable you to become a torture shell – a doomed spirit eternally available to suffer to supply energy (see . The right PC collects the energy stolen from you in the past and used to age, derange, damage as well as zombify you into becoming a good citizen of the Matrix and ADR. Once collected this energy can be used to rebuild your awareness as if it had never been attacked in the first place.

To rebuild your awareness which is a coat of energy surrounding your spherical energy body as described in Castaneda’s “The Active Side of Infinity” (Chapter on Mudshadows) you need to download the energy from the two awareness PCs and their bioparticle PCs into your two bodies, physical and biophysical. This just leaves you open to predation when you forget there are more insectiles around you, as the human race is totally possessed. To stop further predation you need to protect your awareness coat permanently. This is done by fusing your energy bodies, both physical and biophysical and matter bodies both physical and biophysical with the awareness PCs:

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