Anti-magic for psi-adepts the key to psychokinesis.

In all occult practice, the magician gives some of his life-force to an entity, spirit, demon… in return for events apparently beneficial to him. Since all occult entities are in fact dark matter/energy beings, that feed off humans and trap them after death, this is a recipe for perdition. Luckily, these demons can all be shredded and used as an energy source. See

This undoes the apparent reality of occultists, illuminati, etc., freeing mankind to follow grace, the will of the Supreme Being, rather than being the vehicle of damnation, trapped in the matrix prison. A BSRI Psiadept therefore uses the technology:-

(a)           To gain all the power of that occult entity, but for the good of all

(b)           Gain all the power of every occultist whoever used that entity’s rituals and use it for the good of the Psi-Master.

(c)           Shred all these occult beings and occultists so that they are left as revenants to suffer whatever is in store for them as the result of their actions.

(d)           Shreds the matrix prison realities they created and opens doorways to the path of grace.

(e)           Can redirect all the power to change reality (psychokinesis) by sucking out all the power from the above using the BSRI-AOT to bring forth the light of the Source.

To implement this AOT the system consists of 12 torsionic soliton biparticle cyclotron PCs. These are placed in a circle to contain the power of the occult entity and to funnel it into the centre of the circle in which is placed the BSRI-AOT psychotronic pyramid; which is placed on one of its triangular faces with the point facing south. Then all the psi-adept does is hold the BSRI-AOT psychotronic crystal with its pointed end facing the circle as he stands outside the circle at its north end. She/he then walks eight times round the circle, which should be equal in diameter to her/his height, while visualising and or stating the name of the occult entity/occultist/possessing entity (seed of Satan, spawn of the Devil…), pointing the BSRI-AOT psychotronic crystal’s tip at the circle.

The 12 BSRI-AOT torsionic soliton bioparticle cyclotron crystals have been programmed to suck in, trap, shred and feed the revenant of the occult entity into the pyramid PC for ever. The occult entity… is now trapped in a version of hell entirely of his own making. To complete the process, touch the point of the BSRI-AOT psychotronic crystal to the base of the pyramid which is in the middle of the circle facing north; this shreds the entity, locks its revenant in a prison matrix as the power of the occult entity, occultist, demon… is liberated in a pure form into the BSRI-AOT pyramid. The psyadept then walks in an anticlockwise half-turn to the south end of the circle and touches base of the AOT-PC to the south-pointing apex of the AOT pyramid. This charges the AOT-PC with some of purified power of the occult entity…, transforming it into a keystone PC which gives one liberation and control over the matrix.

Leave the circle and pyramid in place to continue dissolving the reality, matrix, event train this evil has created, so supercharging your pyramid PC as the matrix is shredded finer and finer as the process iterates with time.

Recharge the AOT-psycrystal by touching the apex of the pyramid PC at your leisure; keep the PC in your left pocket or handbag to act as a power source for psychokinesis – the moulding of reality – changing the matrix so it becomes malleable. BPC in left sock.

The AOT system is recommended to rid people of malefic spirits and occultists and to enable Psi-Masters to strike down the occultists, their controlling entities, which enables the Psi-Master to be in charge of his/her reality, freeing them from the matrix. The BSRI-AOT system consists of 12 AOT-bioparticle torsionic soliton cyclotron PCs, 1 AOT psychotronic pyramid, and one AOT keystone PC suitable for psychokinesis and RI. The 14 PC set is priced at $150.


1              To shred karma, repeat the AOT process but have a male and female sex PC in your left pocket to link into akashic record that binds you to the matrix through continued reincarnations of your revenants. The AOT-PC will now be charged with anti-karmic energy power to free you from the matrix.

2              To shred the ley lines, dragon energies, geomantic and earth energies which are the scaffolding/walls of the physical matrix, the bioparticle world, place the four cardinal grailstones at the cardinal point of the 12 AOT bioparticle PC circle, repeating the AOT protocols. The AOT-PC will now contain anti-earth energy, the so-called bioparticle energy, to allow the physical psychokinesis of the physical matrix as if it were a dream.

3              To shred all future links between you and the matrix so you free to leave the prison reality, place the Sedna PC at the north point of the 12 AOT-bioparticle PC circle. Repeat the AOT process visualising freedom from the matrix, the AOT-PC will now be charged with the power of total freedom so treasured by allegorical characters such as Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda – the goal of all shamans.

4              To shred the power of the status quo, the powerful, the rich, the illuminati, wear the gold power ring while carrying out the AOT process. The AOT-PC will now have the psychokinetic power to erase all the illuminati have built. Use the silver ring to shred their occult power over reality to charge the AOT-PC with antimagic power. The platinum ring can be used for  psi applications… Please refer to Power Rings.



As the sole discoverer of this technology, I created the archetype for psychotronic crystals… power rings, knowing that human nature being what it is, parasites would come along deceiving the public into thinking that counterfeit devices  could be used with my protocols and have the same effect.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth as I programmed the archetype both in biophysical and bioparticle space to shred the user, creator and environs of anyone coming into contact with these  corrupt devices. If you have had the misfortune to purchase or come in contact with counterfeiters.

Be aware that you must never use them with my protocols.

Note that the effects of these protocols may be reversed or worse under this situation.

Discarding these devices will not ameliorate the situation

Refund from the supplier should be demanded if they implied that they could be used with my protocols and had any of the characteristics of  products charged by Tim Rifat.

If you feel any ill-effects from these counterfeit products the damage is already done.

To help customers who have been tricked in this way,  has developed the anti-occult technology to reverse the effects of this evil, regain your energy at the expense of the trickster and all the powers that were using them to divert you from the true path.

If you have any counterfeit in your possession, the place them at the north point of your bioparticle AOT-PC circle within the environs of the torsionic soliton field where the AOT system will automatically undo the damage done to your biophysical and bioparticle field by the inimical entity within the counterfeit PC.

Deconstruct the occultist or charlatan who supplied the device to you, thereby providing you with extra energy.

Deconstruct the evil entity archon, demon, etc that possesses that individual, supplying you with more energy.

Deconstruct the hive of the evil entity, leading to the demise of the source of this evil, supplying you with more energy.

Deconstruct the matrix so that any evil reality based upon your parasitised life force collapses, supplying you with more energy.

This enables you to free yourself from the matrix and the evil awareness that possesses it.

Be aware that the longer you leave the counterfeit PCs in the AOT system, the greater the effect so even if you gained no initial benefit from these evil artefacts, in the great scheme of things the counterfeit artefacts prove valuable as a sure conduit into the psi-space of totally corrupt awareness which is the perfect psychotronic fuel.

Once drained, wrap the crystal crystals in a substantial cloth and smash with a large hammer. Dispose of fragments carefully in natural running water or in the sea.

The BSRI-AOT system

12 AOT-bioparticle torsionic soliton cyclotron PCs, 1 AOT psychotronic pyramid, 1 AOT keystone PC




The matrix is a construct of dark diabolical forces (energy and matter) concretised by the life force of humanity, the occultist being the willing tool of the dark matter/energy entities who dreamed up the fallen aspect of the human condition. A vivisection of the matrix shows its core structure is the occult. It is well known that the Illuminati, occultists, etc, not only rule the banking worlds but are satanic practitioners. See and

Tarot entities are the dark entities that have taken over the memes of awareness to twist attention to produce the matrix. By using the AOT-PC system to shred the tarot entities, the following effects can be displayed for the psyadept:-

·         The shredding of tarot entities frees awareness so that the fixation of its attention is enabled to escape from the matrix.

·         It enables the psyadept to become aware of the biophysical and bioparticle world blocked out by these diabolical tarot entities; the blocking energy, the paranormal damping field which stops humans using all their God-given abilities.

·         Shredding a specific tarot entity gives you power over that specific corrupted tarot meme. Since each tarot meme is the specific basic code of biophysical awareness, it can be seen that the tarot demons trap our awareness and attention in defined meme paths called the ‘real world’ and Middle Place – the diabolical aspect of the human condition.

·         Shredding strings of tarot entities gives you power to edit, change reality so you can bring that specific string of memes into or out of being; the core competency of the psychokinetic psyadept.

·         Shredding major or minor tarot arcana gives you the power of freeing, controlling and editing awareness in the realm of archetypes which control human consciousness or in specific human conditions degrade or damage the true you.

The use of AOT for anti-tarot gives the psyadept the power over awareness, one of the cornerstones of psyadept achievement, discussed in Carlos Castanedas ‘The Fire Within’, or in more mainstream religious teachings. To drain the tarot energies, the AOT system is effective especially if you have been exposed to occult, cultic or counterfeit psycrystal energies; the system consists of 12 bioparticle PCs, a psychotronic pyramid and the AOT keystone PC.

One repeats the AOT protocols, but now, instead of placing 12 bioparticle PCs in a circle, you need 10 more to make up a circle of 22 bioparticle PCs. With this, you can drain the tarot demons of the major arcana just be repeating the AOT protocols. If you wish to drain the entire tarot pantheon of demonic entities, you need 66 more bioparticle PCs with the standard AOT kit so you can make a circle of 78 bioparticle PCs to drain the entire tarot entity hive (56 for the minor demon tarot arcana). Repeating the AOT protocols with this greater number of bioparticle PCs, the pyramid PC is placed in the centre of the circle with its apex pointing south. The psyadept uses the AOT keystone PC as before, in his left hand, to draw in the tarot entities as he/she walks anticlockwise eight times. This eight times links in with the octonians which are the basic mathematics of demonic reality, the 22 PCs in a circle extract energy from the major tarot demons’ arcana, 56 bioparticles extract energy from the minor tarot demons’ arcana, and 78 bioparticle PCs shreds the entire tarot demon entity hive. The AOT keystone PC should then be used as before the extract of the expunged revenants of the tarot demons by touching the PC to the point of the pyramid. This can be repeated at your leisure to use for psychokinesis, but to ensure it does not turn to your own perdition, the safest way to use it is in the service of the Source/Logos. If you wish to drain one specific tarot entity then you should fixate this entity in your mind as you repeat the above process with a 78 bioparticle circle; as in draining the moon-tarot demon entity to enable lucid dreaming, or the sun-tarot demon entity for RV/lucid waking.

Those of you lucky enough to have a 78 bioparticle set can subtract 6 to make a 72 bioparticle circle for shredding the Goetia demons which are the basis of the Illuminati’s power and are the key to psychokinesis over the fiscal and political world.

NOTE: Those of you who have had Tarot readings at any time, or used a Ouija board, or any other method divination where you unknowingly surrender soul and spirit to dark forces, have been bound to a greater or lesser extent to the malefic matrix which subverts the human condition (see This explains why sceptics inevitably have better luck than the goodwilled seeker after the New Age, and also accounts for inevitable payback of perdition that greets the black occultist who surrenders his being to these demons for temporal advancement.



There are 72 classes of Goetic demons/archdemons used by the lluminati since the sixteenth century to be the agents of occult RI and psychokinesis; these servants of darkness are used to kill, influence, drive mad… control humanity. The Goetic demons are found in the Grimoire; the Key of Solomon; and are the prime tool of the Illuminati bankers who oversee the Club of Isles that rule the European Union. The Goetia have been used to cause the meteoric rise of the Illuminati from their simple role as moneylenders to the rulers of the banking world. They control the UK totally and used the Goetia to smash Nazi Germany even though the Nazi Ahnenerbe were themselves psymasters. Similarly the Soviet Union was torn apart by these Goetic forces even though the KGB, GRU were experts in psy-warfare.

In the process, however, the Illuminati took over Germany and completely dominated control of the Russian Federation’s wealth through their eight Zionist oligarchs. So using the Goetia as psychotronic tools, the Illuminati have destroyed their enemy, no matter how psychically advanced.

Since the Illuminati are dedicated Satanists, they view the rise of the Moral Majority in the US with dismay. As a right-thinking person, I have developed technology to totally expunge the Goetia so that the US can bear the light of the Source to the world, keeping in mind that the EU is now dominated by Satanic practices derived from their Illuminati masters – for example, the Royal Navy now has Satanic temples and priests on its warships, Belgium and Britain have paedophile torture rings dedicated to Satanic worship, Holland regularly assassinates anyone who argues against uncontrolled immigration that lowers wages and brings in misogynist races that devalue the female, all aspects of the European Union and governments are riddled with corruption and all enquiries inevitably exonerate any allegation of serious criminality, whilst the prison populations grow as they are filled with the poor and the mentally ill.

Psi-Masters are seen as the enemy of the New World Order that the Illuminati desire and the Goetia are constantly being used to undermine and emasculate the Psi knowledge. To use the AOT technology against the Goetia one employs a 72-bioparticle circle of crystals and repeats the standard AOT protocols. This has the effect of

·         Destroying the Goetic demons to release the power they have stolen from their victims, in a form which backfires on the Illuminati who have been their willing tools. This process also destroys the illuminati who are in the Goetia’s thrall.

·         Erasing the forces that resist all attempts to destroy the matrix or escape from it.

·         Freeing the entrapped sprits of humans who are in the Goetic demons’ purgatory.

·         Taking over the psychokinetic force that has up to now made events go the way of the Illuminati and the archonic entities that possess them.

·         The AOT protocols are exactly the same as in all other cases except for the 72 bioparticle circle and are recommended for any remote influencer who wishes to go against any aspect of the real world or further an agenda that is not demonic. Since the Illuminati have depended upon the Goetia for their RI and psychokinetic capability, this AOT is devastating to the forces of darkness.

This is an extra system that works if one has purchased the Anti-Tarot system, just take out six bio-particle crystals to give you the 72 needed to access the demonic Goetia for the purposes of exorcism.

The standard AOT system is  $150 including P&P

The Standard AOT system$600.00
The Tarot upgrade to the AOT system$600.00
The Standard AOT+The Tarot upgrade

$260 for both systems if purchased together




The occultist of the Golden Dawn and neo-Crowleyites such as the OTT and the British Illuminati have the Abrahemelin ritual as the gateway to adeptship. In this ritual, the occultist spends six months conjuring up the Goetian demons and biophysically vivisecting himself until he is an empty shell devoid of any soul or spririt and a perfect vessel for the insectile Archonic dark energy matter entities which control the Anglo-Demonic matrix. To shred these foci of pure evil, reverse everything they have done within the matrix and drive their human zombies into dementia, common in the political classes of the Anglo-Demonic Empire, use 144 bioparticle PC and repeat the simple AOT protocols. The energy in the AOT keystone PC can then be used as a focus for pure good to

·         Decorrupt the Matrix

·         Decorrupt the user

·         Decorrupt the humans around him

·         Open up awareness of the corruption that is the norm in the Anglo-Demonic Matrix

·         Use the energy released to become a true psyadept



The Enochian demons are used by the British illuminati to control the West. These diabolical Enochian demons were brought into the Matrix in Elizabethan times and twisted the Matrix to the Anglo-Demonic world view. By using 156 bioparticle PCs in a circle and repeating the AOT protocols, one can drain the entire British-Enochian demonic realm. This gives the psyadept:-

·         Psychokinetic power over the British demonic world, like an inner circle Illuminato.

·         Command of the 30-dimension continua of progressive degradation and the stairways to the Middle Place and Aeons used by the Anglo-Enochian demons to trap humanity in the humanist/materialist spiral of nihilism before, during and after death.

·         Power over the fabric of the Anglo-Demonic Matrix, the warp and weft of the solidifiers of reality used for trapping awareness on specific demonic tarot entities.

·         The power over the governors of the Enochian world, who are now used to ungovern the Matrix, ripping it to shreds.

·         Control over the five demonic elements used by the occultist to change the nature of humans to the five demonic aeons used to entrap the awareness of the mind-controlled masses who take the dream of the Matrix as their reality. See

·         Careful study of Enochian occult texts will give you the idea of how to use this technology to totally disrupt, expunge and destroy all aspects of the Enochian occult and its Anglo-Demonic world.

Cost:  $150

Please note that this upgrade allows you to use the ANTI-ABRAHEMELIN-AOT just by taking 12 of the hundred and fifty six bio-particle crystals out of the set to give you the 144 needed to give you the ANTI-ABRAHEMELIN-AOT

Cost of Anti-Enochian/Anti-Abrahemelin upgrade to AOT system is ($150)

Anti-Enochian/Anti-Abrahemelin upgrade to AOT system$600.00
The standard AOT system with Tarot+Anti-Enochian/Anti-Abrahemelin upgrades

The standard AOT system+The Tarot upgrade to the AOT system+Anti-Enochian/Anti-Abrahemelin upgrade to AOT system