Become a Psi Master, RI Master, RV Master, and RS Master by taking the ultimate course of Psi-Lord.com, the technology of Psi, discovered, developed and perfected by world expert, scientist Tim Rifat. Unlike US courses run by DIA and CIA agents forbidden by Federal Law to tell the student anything of value, Tim Rifat teaches the Psi Master Course, the ultimate qualification in the new technology of Psi.


Since energy not knowledge is the key to Psi, Tim Rifat gives the prospective Psi Master the energy by means of Psychotronic amplifiers to achieve the highest levels of Psi. As you will find from the research the dialectic – combining two opposite energy sources – releases ultimate energy, 5D energy, the stuff of reality. The Tim Rifat Psi Master Course (TRPMC) has eleven levels, the first ten are now available to the public with the ultimate Psi-energy, 5D energy to empower TRPMC Adepts, Masters, etc. Combining RV, RS, RI and Psi training with the energy to use the techniques the TRPMC is the only course for the serious student of Psi – the technology of Psi.

The Psi-Adept gets a Psi Degree, all levels get a Certificate of Qualification by Tim Rifat, the world expert in Psi. Each degree must be taken one at a time to progress to the next degree. The BTRI and BSRI-E are required for the energy source for each Course. The RV and RS Correspondence Course are required knowledge for the TRPMC Psi-Adept. All protocols on the site free of charge.

The Psi-Masters Degree requires a BSRI-E plus the three Power Rings. It covers the technology to create a new Matrix while the Adept course covers how to use the human Matrix for power and profit! The Psi-Master’s degree is open to all adepts who master degree 8, 9 or 10. It therefore has three levels.

Just follow the protocols on site to progress up the Psi-Master levels.

Protocols free on site so you can progress at your own speed and at minimal cost so this Psi-Master Course is open to all no matter your finances – just follow the protocols on RVScience.

A saving of $500. Each course comes once a month for 10 months. No added charges. The Psi-Adept degree is conferred after 7 months the Psi-Master’s degree at the end of the course.

All TRPMC are on cassette tapes, individually recorded, not mass reproduced. All students should have the requisite PS’s for the stage they wish to achieve.

This is the first degree and Masters Degree Course on Psi, RV, RS and RI taught by the worlds expert, and demand is likely to be fierce, so to be assured of enrolment, wire transactions – email for details; cheques for UK residents or Paypal (28 days delivery for Paypal).

The TRPMC is the only comprehensive course Psiops-Psi Technology to enable you to become a RI-Adept, RV-Adept, RS-Adept, Psi-Adept, then a Ri-Master, RV-Master, RS-Master and Psi-Master. The Psiops Master for the 21st Century.