The pyramid as used by the Illuminati on the dollar bill is the truncated pyramid first used by the Golden Dawn. It represents a four dimensional pyramid to include all four elements (four forces) – it is a symbol of manifestation. The Illuminati pyramid is the archetype of Illuminati power over the Matrix and embodies the paranormal damping field (PDF) to hold humans prisoner in the Matrix, ADR, see

The BSRI-E is designed to use as a Psychotronic fuel from the Matrix. The seven psycrystal pyramid focuses the Force, but does not touch the quantum vacuum, the physical Matrix. The BSRI-E burns the Matrix to display physical results. The UPGP burns the Matrix to display biophysical results and change events. To set up the BSRI-E to burn the Matrix so you can carry out mind over matter phenomena: physical RI (neurological RI for Mind Control – see RI Secrets Course), physical healing (see, physical manifestation for profit (see or physical RI for combat (see; or to bring money not money energy into your life, using the BSRI-E in Illuminati Pyramid mode is the best way to get rich quick.

To set up the BSRI-E Illuminati Pyramid place the No. 9 BSRI-E PC at the base of the North wall of your room, then in counter clockwise rotation place No. 8 at the west wall, No. 7 at the south wall, No. 6 at the East wall. Then place the No. 5 BSRI-E PC slightly in from the No. 6 PC above it on the ceiling, hanging the velveteen bag it comes with – crystal point up – from a piece of masking tape, stuck to the ceiling holds the PC. Place the No. 4 on the ceiling (in from the No. 9 PC) at north, likewise the No. 3 PC at the west ceiling position, finally the No. 2 PC at the South position. This gives you a room sized truncated pyramid (like the pyramid on the dollar bill). If you hold the No. 1 BSRI-E PC in your left hand and sit within the truncated pyramid the BSRI-E can burn the physical Matrix as Psychotronic fuel BPCs taped to point of PCs. To prime the Illuminati BSRI-E pyramid hold a dollar bill in your right hand to give energy, this opens up a quantum vacuum-gate to all the Illuminati’s physical holdings. As the BSRI-E burns the physical Matrix it demanifests all the Illuminati’s physical Matrix in minute stages so to an outside observer it looks like the Illuminati’s empire is gradually falling apart. The BSRI-E uses the quantum vacuum for Psychotronic fuel; it works as a chaos engine continually iterating the non linear dynamic equation that unlocks the physical Matrix turning Universe A and Universe B, dream into Psychotronic Fuel, or in the case of Illuminati, empire into nightmare. In the Middle Place the process the essence of physical reality is released to be reshaped by the No. 1 BSRI-E PC for the user to make them gain the power of Illuminati in the Matrix. The main powers of the Illuminati are trillionaire wealth and power over demons. The BSRI-E PC opens the door to the user for real wealth and is therefore perfect in conjunction with my new business book RV and RS for Managers, and powers the BSRI-E to manifest in the physical world duplicating the Illuminati’s power. Remember the Illuminati defeated the two greatest psi-warfare dominant nations in history: Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, to own countries, eight oligarchs, all vassals of the Illuminati overlord own all Russia’s wealth – until November 2003. Power such as that of the Illuminati is mere fantasy to the public educated on propaganda media owned by the Illuminati.

The BSRI-E in Illuminati Pyramid mode offers the private person the power of the Illuminati. To get this power 24 hours a day leave the BSRI-E Illuminati Pyramid set up and place the No. 1 PC in your left pocket, the dollar bill in your right pocket. To focus the BSRI-E on the Kurgiasax quantum vacuum Intelligence, the anti wheel of fortune – for the Illuminati – place the dollar bill in the No. 7 PC’s velveteen bag with the psycrystal. This locks the BSRI-E on reversing the Illuminati’s spell of ruining their enemies for profit, ruining the Illuminati to profit you. In this case keep your money in your right pocket so the money acts as a radiator of the Illuminati’s wealth into your life. To physically rebuild yourself if you are unwell or old place the dollar bill into the No. 9 PC’s bag to tune the BSRI-E to Temphioth, the quantum vacuum Intelligence of anti-Lust, Strength, the Illuminati get impotent and weak as you grow potent and strong. Keep the No. 1 PC in your left pocket to act as a conduit to power you. In both the health or wealth cases place another dollar in the No. 2 PC bag. Finally for wisdom place the single dollar in No. 8 PC bag to tune the BSRI-E for Baratchiel, the quantum vacuum Intelligence of the anti-Magus, Psi-power, wisdom, so the Illuminati lose occult power and wisdom as you gain them. Again wear the No. 1 PC in your left pocket. In this mode the BSRI-E makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.

Powers of the BSRI-E: Illuminati Mode:

1. Money, Wealth
2. Property Wealth
3. Business Wealth
4. RI for Money
5. RI for Property
6. RI for Business
7. Power over servants of Illuminati
8. Power over proletariat of Illuminati
9. Power over Illuminati

Powers of the BSRI-E: Atlantean Mode:

1. Power over people
2. Power over the earth
3. Power over Matrix humans
4. Power in the Spirit world
5. Power in the Elemental world
6. Power in the Demonic Realms
7. Power in Universe B
8. Power in inorganic Realms
9. Power in Hell worlds

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