The Ultimate Psychotronic Generator Pyramid is the key to sucking in money energy for: Psychotronic money, remote influencing, and powering up gold meme power rings mentioned in fiction like Tokien’s Lord of the Rings.

The UPGP sucks energy via the interface of the pyramid on the dollar bill, and by freeing Kurgiasax to manifest Psychotronic Fuel; the money energy is used to power up a gold meme power ring so the psi-master can dominate business draining energy money for his/her use. This money energy can then be used with the protocols in my new book Remote Viewing and Sensing for Managers to conquer your niche market. The structure of the pyramid is the most powerful topological Psychotronic generator, combined with psycrystals, the Ultimate Psychotronic Generator Pyramid (UPGP) combines the best of ancient and future, magic and psi.

To set up your UPGP for making money out of the matrix revolution, place the RV and Psychic Powers PC at the apex of the pyramid (hang from a light fitting on ceiling points upwards). Place the love, luck, health, antiaging PCs against the wall point upward in a square on the floor pointing to North, South, East and West respectively, tape the BPCs to the Points of the PCs. Hold the Psychic Protection PC in your left hand with the Money PC. This opens a Stargate to the illuminate dreamworld in Universe B the Middle Place where the power of the Matrix is drawn to. In your right hand hold a dollar bill showing the illuminati pyramid, place another dollar in your left hand; this forms two sides of the soliton, the dialectic, where opposites can be annihilated to produce energy. In this case the biophysical realities of the Illuminati Matrix are destroyed by fixing the right dollar as the biophysical Matrix and the left as the physical Matrix. Since energy is sucked from humans into the Middle Place, see dream realm in Universe B home of negative memetic parasites this reverses the flow as the left hand attracts energy into the money and psychic protection PCs while the right hand has the biophysical dollar to pull money energy into your money pc and insectile matrix parasites into your psychic protection PC to be shredded for energy.

Constant repetition of this Matrix Revolution money ritual pumps you full of biophysical energy from the psychic protection PC and money energy from the Money PC, annihilating the physical and biophysical Matrix, releasing energy which is contained within the UPGP.

Burning the Matrix

The UPGP can be used to supercharge the gold meme power ring so that you can take over power in the Matrix becoming a Master rather than slave of the Illuminati.

To begin place the gold meme power ring on your left hand, repeat the setup procedures for the protocol above: the Matrix Revolution Money Ritual; this time we bring in the five points of the pyramid to link up with 5 dimensional hyperspace and the four forces of nature; strong, weak, nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity to unlock the Force to warp the Matrix to our will.

Pull into the apex of the pyramid the image of the Tarot Universe meme, Tarot anti-Universe meme; Wheel of Fortune and anti-Wheel of Fortune memes. Visualise them continuing at the apex of your UPGP where the RV and psychic powers PC hangs, annihilating the memes like matter and antimatter to produce energy. Now imprint the image of the illuminati pyramid on your dollars (held in left and right hands) into the four annihilating memes. This process produces a biophysical flame on the top of the UPGP that uses the Matrix as fuel. Feed the energy down the pyramid into the four psycrystals at the N, S E and W of your room. Feel the UPGP filling with money energy and the shredded energy of the evil entities that created and once dominated the Matrix, the negative memetic energy parasites and their Illuminati bodies. Place the two dollar bills at your feet to link up with the quantum vacuum energies, put the psychic protection PC on the right dollar bill so its point touches the base of the Money PC on the left hand dollar’s Illuminati pyramid. This completes the circuit converting the biophysical dollar’s Matrix into psychic protection energy and the physical Matrix dollar’s energy into money energy all for you. Sit in the UPGP and let the gold meme power ring on your left hand act as a Psychotronic battery sucking up the money energy to power your business and the psychic protection PC to smash your enemies, just like the Illuminati used the Force corrupted by the Matrix to dominate the planet. In this process the UPGP burns the Illuminati’s Matrix and the Matrix’s creators the negative memetic energy parasites for fuel.

The Psi-Adept can leave the UPGP set up in Matrix Revolution Flame mode while he/she works as it will pump money and psychic protection energy into the gold meme power ring all day every day empowering the Psi-Adept to take over his personal Matrix. Used in conjunction with the business warfare protocols in my new book it enables business warfare to enter the Illuminati’s business world; the real world of finance and business based upon occult power, and beat them at their own game using them, their masters and demonic servants as Psychotronic fuel to make you rich as you bankrupt your enemies.

Remember the Gold Meme BPC can be used in the left sock or taped to the Ring to utilise it as a Tim Rifat Psychotronic Generator™