The UPGP money ritual can be used to invoke the five major Loas associated with the pyramid into the ADR Matrix to feed on the Illuminati, the fabric of the Matrix and its insectile Masters of the Middle Place. The Loas hate the Illuminati, its masters and servants, so they need not be coerced; they do require gifts of energy to show proper respect. This energy is supplied by the Matrix revolution money ritual. To use this method you need the five voodoo Loa Psycrystals, these are: Odudua Goddess of Love and Death; Ayizan High Priestess of Voodoo; Aidowedo Rainbow Goddess and her serpent Damballah; Baron Samedi, Legba, guardian of the crossroads between life and death; Erzuli Bon Rouge, Goddess of War and Death. In classical voodoo, Odudua and Erzuli Bon Rouge are synonymous but in Psychotronic voodoo, since they are connected with two quantum vacuum Intelligences, Odudua and Erzuli are distinct Intelligences – Loas. The Erzuli PC is hung beneath the RV PC point upwards. The Odudua PC is placed point towards the Love PC at the north position; Baron Samedi PC point toward the Luck PC; Aidwedo PC at the health PC; Aziyan PC at the antiaging PC; placed at N, S, E and W respectively.

We now use a Psychotronic Voodoo Odun, open a stargate to the Loas realm to enable them to enter the physical and biophysical Matrix to enable us to have allies. Lucid Waking can be boosted, a state of being where the Psi-Master is awake to dreaming his reality, so the world becomes a dream he can change at will or wake up from to another reality at will. Loas also enable the Psi-master to use the aid of the Loas to alter the Matrix, corrupt it for the Illuminati and their insectile masters to the benefit of the Psi-Master. Voodoo Loas were unable to psychically affect whites but thanks to the USA and its slave trade the cross-fertilization of Negro and white has allowed the Loas to step over into the white man’s world. Before Africa forcibly mixed black and white morphogenic fields, African shamanism had no effect on whites, now thanks to Afro-Americans who embody both bloods, the Loas have a bridge to Western men – now the fun begins!

Using Loas against white enemies such as Illuminati is perfect as they have no immunity to Loas’ attack, steeped as they are in Kabbalism. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life holds no power over Loas as they lie outside the Matrix of Kabballah. Like new viruses struck down the American Indians, Mayans, Aztecs, etc from Europe, Loas wreak havoc on Illuminati business competitors.

To begin repeat the Burning the Matrix protocols, this time placing the Voodoo psycrystals as documented above. the Pyramid powers up the Voodoo Intelligences accessed through the biophysical wormhole in the Voodoo psycrystal to the Pulsars realm of the Loas. Burning the Illuminati Matrix frees the Voodoo Loas to act against the Kabbalistic rules of the Matrix, Illuminati and the its insectile masters (see the books of Kenneth Grant). See

Once the Loas are released into the Matrix by the modified Burning the Matrix protocols, the Loas can be used by the Psi-adept to help him/her in the following ways:

a) The Baron Samedi Intelligence placed by the Luck PC at the south of the UPGP can be asked to curse, give bad luck, disaster, damnation, zombie-ise etc your enemies, the Illuminati, Matrix, insectiles, Council of Nine. Or conversely Baron Samedi can be asked to bless, give good luck, success, spiritual enlightenment, lucid waking or dreaming etc, to you, friends, family, your business, the environment around you.

b) Odudun Intelligence placed by the Love PC at the north of the UPGP can be asked to draw love, life force energy from your enemies, Illuminati etc to make them impotent. Or conversely to pump love energy into your life, friends, family business etc, to enable love affairs, success, spiritual healing.

c) Aidowedo Intelligence place by the Health PC at the East can be asked to draw health, strength life force from your enemies, Illuminati etc to make them sicken or die, destroy compeitor’s business etc. Or to heal you, your loved ones, your personal environment, spiritual self or business.

d) Aziyan Loa placed by the anti-aging PC at the west can be asked to prematurely age, stunt, decay, degenerate your enemies to make them old, senile before their time, and ruined. Or Aziyan will keep you and your loved ones fresh, vibrant and young.

e) Erzuli Loa Intelligence placed by the RV PC at the apex of the UPGP can be asked to draw energy from the War on Terrorism, other wars etc to power your psychic and spiritual powers so you and your fellow adepts grow more lucid and puissant as the general population descend into insanity, despair, and death.

Use of all five Loas enables the Psi-master to unlock the secret of the pyramid and make his world a waking dream where anything is possible – even surviving a nuclear holocaust. Or entering your dreams to wake up in the Devic being of 2013. Psychotronic Voodoo is the best way to avoid the Illuminati Kabbalistic hell of the Matrix as Voodoo loas are immune to Kabbalism as it is just a perversion of Ancient Egyptian Magic. The Illuminati Kabbalism is so effective because they subverted the power of the Intelligences named the Goetia, into forces of destruction that were coerced to obey the Rulers of the Matrix. See