The Psi-Master or Magus needs a sacred space, temple or stargate to allow entrance into the realms of Psi-space. The Universal Psychotronic Generator Pyramid (UPGP) is the perfect cosmic stargate allowing the Psi-Master/Magus the energy and means to enter Psi-space; it also allows spirits, discarnate souls, negative and positive biophysical beings, archetypes, gods of old, etc, the means to enter the Matrix, the human prison reality.

A Psi-Master/Magus needs an altar to carry out occult RI/Magic. Why? When spirits are called up to act as servants to carry out RI/Magic, the altar is the means by which they are empowered to function. In modern occult RI, the UPGP empowers the Psi-Master/Magus and the psycrystals, held in the left hand to suck energy out of the target; right hand to power up one’s visualisation/self to focus the RI. Spirits can be used as servants to supervise the RI, keep it non-stop, and destroy resistance after the RI is programmed into the UPGP. They are the perfect helpers and accomplices for RI/Magic. Like all functionaries they need to be paid. Since the author is not into sacrificing virgins, or giving his own life force for spirits to aid; but is instead eager to liberate man from imprisonment in this reality, the BSRI-E has been programmed to also act as a Psychotronic generator to empower spirits for RI. In this process the BSRI-E burns the Matrix to empower spirits in partnership for RI. This is the altar within the pyramid of seven psycrystals, used to charge up spirits in partnership with the Psi-Master/Magus to carry out RI, boost RI and destroy opposition to RI.

To set up the BSRI-E as a cosmic battery, Psychotronic generator for occult spirits, place No. 2, 3, 4 and 5 BSRI-E psycrystals point down in a square. Taping them to the base the legs of a small table point down, puts them in the right position. Tape the No. 6, 7, 8 and 9 BSRI-E psycrystals to the midpoint of the table top sides. This forms the skewed square altar needed to work with spirits for RI without it backfiring as is common in occult practice.

The BSRI-E in the altar mode acts in two ways:

1. When a spirit is placed on top of the table top, the BSRI-E sucks the corrupted spirit from the Matrix where it was used by the negative entities and black magicians for evil in a degenerate mode, back to the realm of the insectiles as held in BSRI-E crystal no. 9.

2. The spirit is then drawn by the BSRI-E into the UPGP pyramid in its purified, correct, safe form by drawing the spirit from the No. 9 BSRI-E crystal through No.s 8 to 9. the No. 1 BSRI-E psycrystal being held in the left hand. The spirit is then place in a psycrystal so it is enclosed in your bubble of reality created by the UPGP for use.

When put through the BSRI-E in alter mode the spirits in the psycrystals are energised for use.

For example a Goetic spirit in the psycrystal would be put on top of the table with the BSRI-E in altar mode with its point pointing in the direction of the No. 9 Psycrystal. Hold the No. 1 BSRI-E psycrystal in your left hand then draw the Goetic spirit out of the Matrix in its corrupted shell form through the No. 9 psycrystal; then the through Numbers 8, 2 and 1; finally placing the Goetic psycrystal in your left hand with the No. 1 BSRI-E psycrystal to place the energised, pure, correct, safe Goetic spirit back in the Goetic Psycrystal, ready to be used for occult RI. The occult is hopelessly flawed and dangerous: occult RI takes all the danger out and enhances the effectiveness of magic so it is of use. This is done by turning the occult into a science; RVScience/RVMagic, the technology of biophysical entities – spirits.

Once the spirit is charged and purified back in its psycrystal it can be programmed by placing it into one of the five psycrystals of the UPG Pyramid.

If you wish it to be your biophysical helper to enhance the new life you desire outside the Matrix make sure the psycrystal with the quality you wish to be dominanat in your bubble of reality is at the apex of the UPGP.

  • Money PC for a wealthy life
  • Health PC for a healthy life
  • Anti-aging PC for a long life
  • Love PC for a sensuous life
  • Luck PC for a successful life.
  • Psychic Protection PC for a safe life
  • RV PC for a psychic life.

The spirit is then programmed to be your partner to smooth the way for manifestation of your bubble of reality, the capstone of the UPGP defining that reality.

The spirit helper can also be used for any other occult purpose. The Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley in particular have set down many occult rituals; however these rituals function poorly because the spirits have been corrupted by black magic down the centuries. To use any of these rituals, define the spirits involved; Paul Hughes-Barlow encapsulates these spirits in psycrystals ready for occult RI. Purify and power the spirit using the BSRI-E in altar mode. Then use the UPGP to direct the spirit into the correct psi-dimension for the ritual to work, and use one of RVMagic’s occult ritual psycrystals to program the spirit(s) to carry out the intention of the occult ritual. All of the occult can be upgraded to occult RI by using:

1. The UPGP as the temple, sacred space etc for the ritual.

2. The BSRI-E in altar mode

3. Tune into the right spirit(s) using a spirit psycrystal

4. Purify and energise the spirit in the BSRI-E altar.

5. Broadcast the spirit into psi-space or the Matrix using the UPGP as the cosmic transmitter (rather like a TV station or Star Trek Transporter using the five directions of the pyramid of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit which align with North, South, East, West and the capstone of the UPGP.

6. Add psi ware for the specific ritual to the purified energised spirit psycrystal which is placed point first against the blunt end of the requisite UPGP psycrystal, then the ritual psycrystal is placed point first against the blunt end of the Spirit psycrystal.

Abramelin Ritual

The improved occult RI version of the Abramelin (Holy Guardian Angel) ritual is as follows:

1.Set up the UPGP

2.Set up the BSRI-E altar

3.Obtain a Holy Guardian Angel Psycrystal (HGAP)

4.Purify and energise the HGAP using the BSRI-E altar

5.Place the HGAP in its velveteen bag point upwards beneath the capstone of the UPGP; using the RV and Psychic Powers psycrystal as the capstone, the psycrystal connected to spirit.

6.Obtain a Abramelin Ritual Psycrystal (ARP)

7.Place the ARP in its velveteen bag (point upward) beneath the HGAP, which hangs beneath the RV and Psychic Powers psycrystal; so the capstone is the RV and Psychic Powers PC, beneath which is the HGAP, beneath which is the ARP.

Sit in the UPGP holding the psychic protection PC in your left hand. You can hold each of the other five PC’s in your right hand. Alternate so your energy body can fill out with the combined energies of luck, love, money, health and anti-aging. The Abramelin Ritual is supposed to take 6 months, but using the UPGP you can contact your Holy Guardian Angel in days using the latest RVScience/RVMagic technology, an amalgam of science and the occult to produce occult RI; where the ten levels are replaced by eleven and energy is absorbed by the Adept rather than given away for magical powers and favours from the spirits.