Grail Psychotronic Amplifiers are designed to utilise, control, channel as well as protect the user from geopathic stress, ley lines, earth energies, underground streams, etc that cause disease… The GPA’s enable the user to master Feng Shui, geomancy and earth magic as well as enter into the new world of Psi-mastership trailblazed by Tim Rifat.

Geomantic experts and the medical fraternity of Austria, Germany and the Russian Federation estimate that 8% of the population are affected by geophathic stress which causes cancer, ME, etc. “Well known German neurologist Dr Hans Nieper finds at least 92% of cancer and 75%  of MS patients he examines have spent long periods in geopathic zones. It has been estimated 10% of German doctors work with dowsers, calling them in to investigate severe cases.” Scientists have shown these black ley lines, underground streams etc, emanate microwaves, gamma rays, ionised air – and are magnetic field emitters.

New research by cosmologists show that 93% of the universe is dark energy/matter; 23% being dark matter, 73% dark energy – only 4% is normal matter/energy. The earth is criss-crossed by dark energy and matter forming leylines; it also collects in underground streams condensing dark energy and matter from the surrounding rock. People who live over these lines or streams of dark energy and matter have their bodies sprayed with dark energy and matter. The dark energy corrupts their biophysical field and physical field causing illness. The dark matter lodges in their body and causes cancer as it interferes with the human morphogenic field scrambling its communications with the DNA in the affected area. The DNA reverts to default mode, starting to grow new cells as if it were an embryo or zygote out of control from the morphogenic field – causing cancer. Dark matter embedded in the human body invariably causes cancer, and cannot be removed except by spiritualised PA’s unknown in this area. It is therefore imperative to protect one’s home from geopathic stress, black leylines, underground streams, all sources of dark energy and matter causing the so-called cancer zones.

GPA’s absorbj dark energy and matter and are therefore perfect to protect your home from negative earth energies of all kinds. The GPA is a rose quartz matrix that uses the principle of the Grail which unites earth energies with heavenly energies, the alchemical marriage, to demanifest dark matter energy forming a shielded space within the enclosed area. They are easy to use.

Place four GPA’s at the cardinal points of the area to be protected with the points of the PA’s facing outward. The maximum area that can be protected by the four GPA’s is 28 metres in diameter, if they are placed further apart the protection field will leak. This enables one set of cardinal GPA’s to protect any home – unless you live in a mansion or abroad. Homes in the UK are normally small. The area inside the four cardinal GPA’s is clear of all dark energy and matter and is therefore a sacred space. The PA’s also draw energy and matter from the owner of the PA’s detoxifying his or her body of the lethal dark energy and matter.

The cardinal Grail PA’s are:

North – the Moon Grail
South – the Shield Grail
East – the Star Grail
West – the Sun Grail

Combining the four cardinal Grail PA’s produces secret fire, a liquid-like biophysical flame produced by the untwisting of reality, the symmetry breaking that  produced manifestation from the unified field. It is this fire within that is liberated by the shaman sorcererf as he burns the fire of alignment, see the Fire Within by Carlos Castaneda. It separates the luminous clear, crystalline parts from the dark course and dense parts; the light matter energy from the dark matter energy. In reality dark matter energy is mixed with light matter energy by the symmetry breaking process to produce the manifest world. Unmixing them by reversing the symmetry breaking liberates the secret fire, the fire within, so reality can be remanifested anew. Thus within the sacred space produced by the Cardinal PA’s reality can be folded again into a new configuration set by the Psi-master. This produces an alchemical mixing of new dark energy/matter and light energy/matter to produce a table of the Psi-masters reality into the Matrix, a seed of the changes she or he wishes. Producing the sacred space by using the four cardinal PA’s enables the blank slate needed when alchemically creating new symmetry breaking enfoldments which we call manifest reality.

Meditating and remote viewing within the Cardinal Grail PA’s is amplified as you are in a sacred space free from all negative dark energy/matter forces, free to experience what reality is. Homeowners will find the negative influences in are life are kept out of their personal space. Occultists will find the 28m diameter zone of sacred space is the perfect tableau upon which to enscribe the complex earth energy patterns needed to become an adept in alchemy, geomancy, earth magic, etc. These patterns were given to the author from a grail stone hidden for millenia, which give direct contact with the Elohim. The series of energy patterns is the complete list of energy patterns from basic manifestation to full realised human consciousness – the Grail State. These patterns are the symmetry breaking mix of light and dark energy matter, turning the dream of reality into the solid reality of the Matrix.

The two alchemical grail stone PA’s are held in right and left hands, the right giving out dark energy/matter to enscribe the primal patterns, the left taking out dark energy/matter to etch the primal patterns. The enscribed patterns destroy the solidification process banishing the reality the patterns generate. By using the two alchemical Grail PA’s the Psi-Master can control the earth energies’ symmetry breaking that hadrens dream into reality. The Psi-adept simply enscribes the grail patterns to manifest reality; and etches the grail patterns to demanifest reality, using the right and left alchemical grail PA’s respectively. This completes the Great Work of the other PA’s.

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