The Matrix is the stuff of dreams made manifest. In the Matrix the occult magus servant of negative entities gains great wealth, and his enemies are struck down. The Matrix is manufactured from the quantum vacuum by a special process known to man. Remote viewing the far future I appropriated the dark science; Psychotronic voodoo, chaos magick, etc, to build a Matrix burner, a device that reverses the corruption inputted into the quantum vacuum; to create a Matrix revolution while the Matrix is used as a Psychotronic fuel to propel the Psi-Master/Magus out of the Matrix. Matrix Burners available on

The biophysical technology for Psychotronic Voodoo, Chaos Magick, etc, the Matrix Revolution has been incorporated into BSRI-E. To use the BSRI-E in Matrix Revolution mode, the Psi-Master/Magus needs to understand that the quantum vacuum from which the Matrix is formed by the corruption of awareness; the quantum vacuum can be returned to its primal states freeing multi-infinite energy needed by the Psi-Master/Magus for self development to Psi-Omega/Ipsissimus and beyond. In the process the 22 quantum vacuum intelligences (perverted by Aleister Crowley and described in Liber 231) are untwisted from the Matrix unravelling it so it can return to its dream-like seminal state, the 2013 Matrix Revolution talked about on this site.

To begin burning the Matrix for Psychotronic fuel the vibrational points that pin us to the Matrix must be super-excited by the BSRI-E in Matrix Revolution mode to burn out the anchor points that hold us within the Matrix through life and after-life. The chakra points bind us to the Matrix and these are the energy centres that must be systematically superenergised to burn up the Matrix imprisoning our Matrix.

1. To begin we hold the No. 1 BSRI-E PC in your left hand so the blunt end touches the floor between our feet, the chakra point on the bottom of our biophysical body that binds us to the Matrix. To initiate the Matrix Revolution mode, the PC has to melt the solidified quantum vacuum in this state and return it to its primal state of awareness. Since awareness is the ingredient of the Matrix that has been corrupted the BSRI-E returns the quantum vacuum to its primal state by reversing the Matrix process. All the biophysical-ware is embedded in the BSRI-E PC to turn the No. 1 PC on intone AMPRODIAS, the name of the quantum vacuum intelligence trapped in the Matrix state. The PC causes an implosion of the quantum vacuum initiating a series of implosions in the 22 quantum vacuum intelligences that comprise the Ultrastring (not Superstring) of the Matrix. The No. 2 BSRI-E PC sucks in the energy released by the implosion burning you from the Ultrastring that comprises the prison that binds your awareness in the Matrix.

2. Hold the No.2 BSRI-E PC to your base chakra and pulse BARATCHIAL the Intelligence of the second quantum vacuum into the PC to implode the second chain that binds you to the Matrix.

3. Hold the No.3 BSRI-E PC to your second chakra based on the hara 2 inches below the navel, and pulse the name of the third quantum vacuum Intelligence GARGOPHIAS to implode the third chain that binds you to the Matrix.

4. Continue with DAGDAGIEL at the navel chakra with the No. 4 BSRI-E PC held in the left hand blunt end to the chakra.

5. Hemetherith with the No. 5 PC at the heart chakra

6. Uriens with the No. 6 PC at the throat chakra

7. Zamradiel with the No. 7 PC at the third eye chakra

8. Characith with the No. 8 PC at the crown chakra

9. AMPRODIAS with the No.9 PC at the eighth chakra a hand span above your head.

10. Temphioth with the No. 8 PC at the crown chakra

11. Yamatu with the No. 7 PC at the third eye chakra

12. Kurgasiax with the No. 6 PC at the throat chakra

13. Lafcursiax with the No. 5 PC at the heart chakra

14. Malkunofat with the No. 4 PC at the navel chakra

15. Niantiel with the No. 3 PC at the hara chakra

16. Saksaksalim with the No. 2 PC at the base chakra

17. Amprodias with the No. 1 PC at the base of the biophysical body – the floor.

Now we invert the biophysical body so the South Pole (floor) becomes the North Pole (ceiling) in the process dropping our energy body from the Matrix to float as a free awareness ready to be charged up by the next phase of the BSRI-E Matrix Revolution Mode. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, my deep regrets – you must travel north to use this Matrix Revolution Mode.

  1. Bring the No. 1 PC to your eighth chakra and implode the Matrix by again intoning Amprodias.
  2. Intone A’ano’nin holding the No. 2 PC at your crown chakra
  3. Intone Parfaxita holding the No. 3 PC at your third eye chakra
  4. Intone Tzuflifu holding the No. 4 PC at your throat chakra
  5. Intone Qulielfi holding the No. 5 PC at your heart chakra
  6. Intone Raflifu holding the No. 6 PC at your navel chakra
  7. Intone Shalicu holding the No. 7 PC at your hara chakra
  8. Intone Thantifaxath holding the No. 8 PC at your base chakra
  9. Intone Amprodias holding the No. 9 PC at your feet chakra.

This entire BSRI-E Matrix Revolution mode:

  1. Burns the person from the Matrix
  2. Turns the biophysical body right way up so your highest powers node is at the top, not bottom of your energy body, so you are unblocked from channelling the Force. The Force now can swirl into your biophysical body rather than hit the insectile entity that inhabited your energy bodies’ North Pole until it was burnt up and inverted by the process corrupting all your contact with higher powers, the Force
  3. The biophysical body is pumped up to its proper size of seven dimensions and a bit, the maximum surface area to volume now being exposed to the multidimensional filaments of the Force
  4. The Psi-Master/Magus now has the energy body to begin to explore the powers of non matrix humans, the metahumans of the future. One problem remains, his/her physical body is still experiencing the poisonous corruption that is the human Matrix. To change the Matrix to conform to his/her metahuman awareness, the Matrix at large must be burnt for Psychotronic fuel to empower the Psi-Master/Magus. To do this the quantum vacuum must be connected with the Force. The BSRI-E deals with the quantum vacuum; the Force in its seven field forms is manipulated by the psycrystals. Connecting the quantum vacuum to Force can be carried out using the Matrix Revolution RI.

Matrix Revolution Remote Influencing

Use the Ultimate Psychotronic Generator Pyramid (UPGP) made from the seven psycrystals with the RV PC as the capstone on the ceiling, the psychic protection PC in your left hand. Set the Money PC to the North. Use the luck, health and anti-aging for East, South and West respectively. Hold the Love PC in your left hand with the psychic protection PC to open up a Stargate. Since lack of money powers the Matrix and the Illuminati occultists print money, those vessels of corruption hold sway over the West by these means.

The quantum vacuum intelligence they have corrupted to hold sway is Kurgiasax, the anti-wheel of fortune meme. The anti-lady fortune, Hecate is used by the Illuminati to ruin the world, life, fortune of all who oppose them, in the process bringing them fortune. The energy for this process comes from the human race whose love of money means humans give all their life force for money. In the Matrix Revolution RI we use a Kurgiasax PC: place it on our BSRI-E in altar mode to charge and untwist the Intelligence bound in the Matrix. The Kurgasiax PC is then placed point first touching the base of the Money PC, at the north of the UPGP, whose point faces in this direction. To complete the ritual we need the Ritual PC, in this case a dollar bill be perfect as it has the Illuminati pyramid on it which is the occult symbol of their money parasitism. Place the dollar bill Illuminati pyramid up at the base of the Kurgiasax PC. The KPC inverts the Illuminati ritual as the Money PC sucks out all the energy from the Illuminati reversing the corruption by freeing Kurgiasax to ruin the Illuminati and its female form as Hecate to grant them the gift of total misfortune.

The Matrix Revolution Remote Influencing opens up a Stargate to Universe B, the Dreamtime Reality where all manner of entities fed on primitive man’s imagination and emotions until the awareness of man became poisoned by Illuminati, negative memetic parasite awareness through love of money, an idea of corruption which modern man worships. Once the Stargate is opened the Psi-Master/Magus has free access to all of Psi-space via Universe B to burn as Psychotronic Fuel as he/she has paid the price to use it. The Illuminati, negative memetic parasites find themselves targeted by the Universe B Intelligences, reversed to kill themselves, who enter our universe A via the Stargate. To develop the Psi-Master/Magus powers gained by the Matrix Revolution RI, keep the UPGP in the above mode and put the love PC and psychic protection PC in your left pocket as you repeat the Burning the Matrix rituals outlined previously. This burns the chakras and supercharges the BSRI-E linking biophysical body to BSRI-E to forma Psi-borg, metahuman linked to biophysical quantum computer.

The Matrix Revolution RI Psi-Master/Magus now has access to powers gained by linking chakras to BSRI-E. These powers are:

1. Base chakra with No. 8 BSRI-E PC held point first to it releasing sexual energy used for anti-aging the physical body, the so-called fountain of youth cause by RI transmutation of sex glands to produce anti-aging proteins.

2. Hara chakra with No. 7 BSRI-E PC held point first to it, allows one to see the wheel of time and use the energy body for mind over matter such as shielding the body from harm, enemy RI of the body, RI of others’ ability to remould the Matrix.

3. Navel chakra and No. 6 BSRI-E PC gives remote sensing, ESP, remote viewing in stealth mode and RI to channel life force.

4. Heart chakra and No. 5 BSRI-E PC gives use of RS to enter and use another’s body and to be undetected by RV.

5. Throat chakra and No. 4 BSRI-E PC gives interdimensional RV, RI of the cell, and time travel RV.

6.Third eye chakra and No. 3 BSRI-E PC gives the ability to enter Universe B, Dream Time and astral travel at will:- the Middle Place to burn for Psychotronic Fuel.

7. Crown chakra and No. 2 BSRI-E PC gives lucid waking, the ability to truly wake outside the Matrix and therefore be free to do as one wants, or using the Matrix as if it was one’s dream.

The serious Psi-Master/Magus can only become a Psi-Omega, Ipsissimus by lucid waking at all times, which requires energy – lots of it obtained by the above.

Once this has been done the Psi-Master/Magus can use the Matrix Revolution RI to power him/her up as the Matrix is burnt for Psychotronic fuel by replacing the Kurgasiax Pc with the Psychotronic Voodoo PCs. The Voudoun Loas hate the Illuminati as the Black culture has been trashed by evil occultists.

1. Use the Dagdagiel PC in the Matrix Revolution RI UPGP instead of the Kurgasiax PC to release the Odudua, Erzulie Bon Rouge, the Goddess of Love and Death to destroy the Matrix and its creators.

2. Use the Zamradiel PC to release Aziyan, the Priestess of Voudoun to unravel the power the Matrix and its creators

3. The Temphioth PC to release Aidowedo, rainbow Goddess of Voudoun and her serpent Dangbe-Damballah to turn the Matrix into dream and place the Illuminati/negative memetic entities in her nightmare.

4. The Niantiel PC to release Baron Samedi, Legba guardian of the crossroads between life and death to kill the Matrix and its creators.

5. Tzuflifu PC to release Erzulie Bon Rouge – Goddess of Love and War to scourge the Matrix and its creators by force of arms. To bring about the Armageddon of the Matrix and its creators.

To complete the termination of the Matrix in your life so you can Psi lucidly wake – make this reality a malleable dream for your awareness so becomes possible for you, the UPGP should be primed with a dollar bill as before, but this time use the psycrystal containing all 22 quantum vacuum Intelligences after they are freed from the Matrix and charged using the BSRI-E in altar mode. The Psi-Master/Magus finds this final act of Matrix Revolution RI freese the quantum vacuum with reference to the Psi-Master. Since the Matrix is formed from the vacuum using the life force of humans, and awareness to solidify it into the prison reality, Matrix Revolution RI is the only way to free the physical body of the Psi-Master from the hell-hole he/she is trapped within.

In the Matrix Revolution RI protocols you will notice that out of the steps Amprodias is repeated five times. These modes of the quantum vacuum link up with the 5 points of the UPG Pyramid to join the quantum vacuum with the Force; this is done with all five of your pyramid psycrystals being charged with the Amprodias Intelligence by simply holding the Amprodias psycrystal point to the base of your five chosen pyramid point psycrystals. The other two psycrystals of psychic protection and love are held in your left hand to untwist awareness and life force respectively to open a Stargate to burn Universe B, the Dream Time where the awareness of dead humans is trapped in that part of the Matrix waiting humans when they dies; it has seven realms all with different rules; hence the UPGP has seven psycrystals, see Since humans are trapped in this Universe B Matrix when they die their emotions are food for the negative memetic entities called Archons, the UPGP serves as a Force-vehicle to safely travel through these realms, hence the ancient Egyptians built pyramids for their pharaohs, with a King and Queen Chamber to fulfil the seven-fold topology of Universe B. In Matrix Revolution RI the Psi-Adept/Magus sleeps inside a UPGP, keeping the psychic protection PC and love PC in their left hand pockets or side. Once asleep the Psi-Master enters Universe B and dreams the worlds of the dead burning the Matrix of the Archons for Psychotronic fuel. By this means the Psi-Master/Magus frees his biophysical body from becoming trapped in the Aeons after death, powers it up and frees the dead from the Archons. Since the love PC attracts those you loved, your close friends, family, etc, are attracted to you for help. Continued use of the UPGP changes your biophysical body so at death you are not pulled into the Matrix of Universe B. Lifelong use changes the physical Matrix into that of the real Psi-Space so you can pop in and out of existence like a dream, the physics behind 2013; physical reality becomes dream reality, the Matrix Revolution.