The following utilizes the Number 1. (Human Physical) Psychotronic Crystal of the Nine BSRI-E set, which is part of the complete 34 Psychotronic Crystal Engine Set. All brain diagrams referred to can be found at

The protocols needed for remote influencing are secondary to the energy needed. All military remote influencing depends upon remotely influencing brain centres.



Sit down, put the BSRI-ENGINE around you in a circle (the crystals pointing in towards you with the bioparticles about 25mm from the points of the crystals) and hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand. The first brain centre to look at, the most important one for remote influencing, is the amygdala (in the limbic system).

The amygdala controls the emotions of pain, excitement/joy and is the decision-making centre. It’s the pain/pleasure centre. This pain/pleasure centre is remotely influenced by 2 methods. If you have energy you can use this method. If you don’t have the energy, you cannot. Energy requires that it is either given to an object or taken away. The remote influencing method that Tim Rifat uses is drawing energy from the target.

The target has energy drawn from their brain, and in doing this it weakens that brain centre. This area in fact controls the human, as all human decision-making is done with an emotional bias, after which intellectualising occurs to allow the human to make up reasons as to why they made that decision. The original decision was in fact, an emotional response.

By drawing energy from the amygdala, one weakens that centre and by pulsing in the image of the object, person, stocks and shares one wishes to make that person phobic toward, one can programme that person to have an irrational negative response toward that object, person, image, stocks and shares etc…

Now grasp the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand and start imagining a stream of energy coming out of that  persons brain into your crystal, which then allows you to gain energy from remote influencing that person and makes that person weaker as you remote influence them. When remote influencing people, you wish them to become weaker so they become more amenable to your programming.

So visualise what you want that person to fear become phobic about: a stock you wish to go down, a company you wish your competitor not to buy, a love rival ect, then pulse that image into the target brain’s amygdala as you suck energy out of that brain centre.

These actions habituates the target into thinking that particular image will cause them pain and make them feel drained and exhausted. This has the effect of giving them the emotional response of avoidance and thus they will want to avoid that image, situation, event, person, stock or share etc. One can totally control their response. This technique has immense power and can be further developed by making the target positive towards things you like.

To do this we focus again on the amygdala. The target can be made to have a positive response to the image, event, stocks and shares ect. you wish them to have. This is done by again focusing on the amygdala, but this time holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your right hand. By doing this you are able to channel the energy from the BSRI-E into the target’s brain (amygdala), making the target feel charged, invigorated and full of energy whenever they think of your event, image, stock, person etc.

To refine this technique, one can set up a series of images of what you wish that person to do; just like a rat in a maze, where you control every action, emotion and response simply by acting on their brain pleasure centre (amygdala). This technique mirrors the military technique of using implants to control their personnel, turning them into robotic zombies.

The protocol is to set up a pathway, an event scenario, of what you wish them to do and then pulse into their brain this event scenario. If the target deviates from the path you have created, you hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand and pulse in the image of what they have done, and suck energy out of them making them feel phobic, irresolute, ill or disolute whenever they take actions you don’t wish them to take. As shown, the BSRI-E is a very powerful biophysical, biotronic mechanism by which you can control any person you wish.

The BSRI-E has 2 main functions — it can suck energy out of the target in huge amounts — it can pulse energy into the target in huge amounts (more than any military remote influencer can do, or ever will be able to do).


The Frontal Cortex (see brain diagram) is the area most concerned with imagination and imagery. If you wish to pulse into the target’s brain images something they are familiar with from everyday life, and that they are habituated to daydreaming about, what you do is set up an ‘image train’ of pictures you wish them to see throughout the day. You can either make them feel tired, lethargic, scared and ill with these pictures, or make them innovated, happy and full of life. So, you can either make them phobic towards these images, or happy, and condition them to react in a positive way to the images.

To make them phobic towards these images, hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand and suck energy out of the frontal cortex area of their brain. Imagine a stream of energy being ripped (or sucked/hoovered) out of their frontal cortex through their third eye centre into your No.1 BSRI-E crystal. Focus on weakening their brain, their life force — weakening every aspect of their will as your BSRI-E crystal pulses energy into them with the image you wish to make them terrified of. In this way you can make them scared, phobic about something, or avoid anything you wish them to be afraid of.

Continuing this response for longer and longer periods has a greater and greater effect on the target. This is a very useful technique for remote influencing remote viewers or any other type of military psi-warfare expert by making them phobic of any image you wish: implanting false images to ‘divert’ them, and reducing their ability to remotely view. This is useful if you are being psychically attacked as it habituates them to make them frightened of you and want to avoid you because you will literally frighten the life out if them.

Similarly, if there is someone you wish to have sexual congress with, or buy your products, or be favourably disposed towards you, just pulse your image into their frontal cortex with the No.1 BSRI-E crystal held in your right hand. This will make them more and more habituated towards you and very keen to see you. They will be happy with you because every time they see you they will feel better and better. Magnetic attraction – induced by you.

All of the above goes to show how psi and my BSRI-E crystal technology can be used to control anyone like a robot. Further more, it deletes the previous norms of society, and allows the remote influencer to do anything they wish them to do, unless that person has special protection (all Western military remote influencer’s do not have that special protection).


We now move on to the thalamus (see brain diagram) which is located in the limbic system. This area of the brain controls our perception and filters out things we do not wish to see such as ghosts or other entities we have been conditioned by our peers not to recognize. The thalamus is also the area of the brain concerned with decision-making.

The thalamus, as the organ of attention, is the most powerful part of the limic system for remote influencing control. As shown already, the No.1 BSRI-E crystal is used in the left hand to suck out energy or pulse in negative images.

Held in the right hand, it will pulse in positive images. If you wish to make the target forget, delete, not see certain images, you can pulse images into their thalamus you wish them not to see, sucking energy out in huge amounts and conditioning them to avoid these images in the process.

This is useful in business as it makes competitors unobservant of things you want them to ignore, or useful for permanently disabling military remote influencer’s by getting them to not see the things we choose. We can stop the target seeing anything we want them not to see.

This technique can only be done by using the No.1 BSRI-E crystal due to the massive amounts of energy needed. Even a skilled remote influencer who can achieve results in other areas can not do this without the No.1 BSRI-E crystal or they will become totally drained and may get blowback.

Next, if we wish the target to become fixated on something, we pulse into their thalamus the images we wish them to see. We can pulse images into someone of us having sex with them, or completing a business deal or a stock trader investing in the stock we want to go up. For this, we hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in our right hand and pulse the image into the thalamus of the target for them to believe the image is real.

This makes the target feel invigorated, alive, desireous of looking at that image, and they become habituated to that image because it makes them feel good and alive with energy. The neurones are reprogrammed to become an open gateway to pulse all the images we want into the target’s head. With this, we can control the target to make them phobic or desireous of anything we wish, and control all aspects of their perception.


Moving on to the hippocampus (again, in the limbic system), one can now start to manipulate the target’s memory. This is very important because the way a human remembers things controls their behaviour. Also, by editing and changing their memory we can get them to think, act, and behave in any way we wish.

The hippocampus has many different ways of acting and processing memory. In order to remote influence the hippocampus, we need to explain some of the ways in which memory works.

Firstly, the short-term memory. This is when memories are stored for only a short time. This is useful to the remote influencer who may wish to alter the short-term memory of someone whom we have just met or just had a meeting with. A few examples of which are: an argument with someone in person or over the phone, a business meeting that didn’t go well and we don’t want them to remember the interaction or bear a grudge towards us. In these examples and similar situations we can boost the positive overtones of these incidents by acting quickly.

Hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your right hand and pulse enegy into the hippocampus as you visualise the confrontation in a totally positive light towards you. You make the target believe they were acting in a terrible manner towards you and misunderstood you – they were totally wrong. At the same time, you pulse energy into the hippocampus making them feel happy and full of life energy, with the image of “I really must make it up to this person and go out of my way to make up for the silliness that was completely my fault”.

In this way, you condition the target to do as you wish by targeting their hippocampus and the emotional overtones of that short-term memory even though you’ve had a confrontation with them, thereby controlling the response of the target. And remember — our actions are emotional first, then backed up by intellectualizing about it later.

Conversely, if you are bothered by an ex-lover or a waste-of-time business client, you can pulse images of them running away from you when they see your image in their mind into their brain, making them feel ill and drained.

Next, we go on to the working memory. This is the part of the brain that holds memories of what we do during the day. It is the short-term memory information store. By remote influencing the target’s working memory you can change what that person thinks and does during the day. You are able to re-write the working memory in conjunction with the frontal cortex.

If you pulse in images of what you wish them to see during the day and pulse into the hippocampus the memories  of what you wish them to remember during the day, you can totally influence them throughout their day. This controls their behaviour and responses — lovers, business competitors, stock traders.

This does take a lot of time as you have to get inside their brain, minds-eye to get a feel for what they are like (Remote Sensing course recommended, see onsite). You can then erase certain memories from them of items, images, that you don’t wish them to remember. Or, you pulse images into their frontal cortex of images you DO wish them to see.

This works on a day-to-day basis and you get to know how that person sees the world. This is the first step to true remote influencing where you control the target as if they are a part of you. They become a biological entity, a robot. As they can be used to carry out your wishes, they in effect become a second you.

The BSRI-E can be configured to control the targets hippocampus and frontal cortex at the same time. By doing this, you begin to control the way the target sees the world.

Hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand. In your mind’s-eye, walk into the targets hippocampus and imagine you have a big syphon or big hoover. Go into their hippocampus memory files (imagine them looking like computer discs – silly humans imagine them like this because they think computers are the way forward) and you start to hoover-up the memory files of all the things you don’t wish them to remember. This is where all aspects of things you wish to delete can be edited out of their brain.

At the same time you can go into their frontal cortex, No.1 BSRI-E crystal in left hand, and hoover up all the images you don’t wish them to remember or to be fixated on, or things you don’t wish them to notice. This is good for reconfiguring the money barons who control the money and stock markets by making them invest (or not) in stocks and shares that they normally wouldn’t invest in.

Also useful for controlling other remote influencers who don’t have the BSRI-E to erase procedures and data they have viewed, and to remove the memory of those images from their frontal cortex. This is what U.S. remote influencers try to do with people remote influencing their military installations, but without the BSRI-E they will never succeed against someone doing this with the BSRI-Engine.

To further deal with military remote influencers who may be trying to remote influence things you don’t want them to see, you can focus on the temporal lobe (which is intimately connected with remote viewing – see brain diagrams) and suck energy out of the temporal lobe. By this method, one draws out all remote viewing images they would normally have seen in their mind’s-eye, leaving them a blank, and then inputing into the hippocampus, frontal cortex, temporal lobe, images you wish them to see.

With this method you can put into the mind of the remote influencer any image or information you do wish them to see. This method can also be used on anyone else where, by going into their hippocampus, you can implant any memory files of things you wish them to remember throughout the day (which has no bearing on reality) but which is totally beneficial to you. As shown, it is possible to completely edit the targets memory and put in new memories.

To do this, you target the hippocampus by holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in the right hand to create these memories/images, in the process making them feel healthier and happier when, and only when, they think about these (false) memories/images.

You then take this further by linking up with the thalamus (organ of attention) where you pulse in the energy from your crystal the embedded memories/images you have downloaded into their hippocampus and frontal cortex (and if they are remote influencers, their temporal lobes) so they only see, feel, remember, hear, the images we want them to see.

By doing this, you control the targets sensory array and memories which control the targets internal dialogue — their model of the universe. A model which has no basis in fact but is placed into their mind by the BSRI-E remote influencer.


The pituitary gland is the master gland of the human body. The BSRI-E can be used on any (Western) human, but is not recommended for use on the Russians or Chinese as they are protected from use of this technology. The pituitary gland controls various hormones which in turn control the body. The most important for remote influencing are the fight-or-flight hormones which produce the reaction of fear or aggression within humans.

When you wish to control someone who is being, for example, obnoxious, like a business competitor, or a friend who wants to stab you in the back, or some other aggressor, you can focus on their pituitary gland (brain stress system diagram) and hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand. Focus on sucking energy out of their pituitary gland. This process will disrupt their whole hormonal system making them into a disorganized hormonal wreck and they will not be able to carry out any aggression towards you.

If you wish to take this further, you can focus on the ACTH released by the pituitary gland which causes aggression or the flight response (if they think you’re bigger and nastier than them). You can then push into the limbic system (consisting of the thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala — shaded black on brain diagram) an image of your face into the limbic system of the target. Simply pulse it into the pituitary gland and release ACTH on your command while holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your right hand.

The released ACTH will go through their blood system to their adrenal glands and cause the fight-or-flight response, putting fear and flight into the programming of their limbic system so that they will have a whole-body response of flight when they see you.

Or what you can do is to pulse into their limbic system the image of what they want to do to you which is negative (ruin your business ect). Pulse the image of your face into their limbic system (pituitary gland in particular) and take out energy from there by holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand, shredding their pituitary gland and their ACTH pathway, so that when they think of you, their fight reponse is totally disrupted.

This is useful for destroying any enemies who want to destroy your life or make your life a misery.


We can take this technique further and look at the adrenal glands (these glands causes whole body responses to fear or anger) and holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in the left hand, drain the adrenal glands of energy, turning the target into a passive zombie who cannot run away or fly away from anything, meaning — they are no longer a problem to you.

Or, if you wish to be more passive and not damage the target you can cause the release of cortisol, which turns down the brain’s sress system and makes them passive, but without actually harming them. This is done by holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in the right hand, pulsing energy into the adrenal glands and pumping the cortisol back to the brain via the blood stream and pulsing into the limbic system the image of them being nice to you, doing good things to you, and giving up their negative pursuit of you.

As shown, the No.1 BSRI-E crystal held in the left hand causes this “feed back curcuit” (of pituitary gland, adrenal glands, cortisol and ACTH) to self destruct by sucking the energy out and causing the target to have a physical or nervous collapse. Pumping energy into that system (circuit) by holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in the right hand causes the target to go into a massive fight-or-flight response and basically burn out. These are the 2 ways of using this system.

To continue, we now look at the fight-or-flight response by taking energy out of the pituitary/ACTH/adrenal glands/cortisol curcuit and put in more than one image so we can control every aspect of their life, making every response, every action that we don’t want to cause complete nervous and physical collapse in the target. Useful to combat business rivals, politicians ect, who wish to make peoples lives a misery with red tape.

On the other side of the coin, you can hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in the right hand. Looking again at the pituitary/ACTH/adrenal/cortisol pathway, we can pump energy in to that pathway and keep pumping it in until the person burns out (this causes physical and mental over-stressing of the body).

But, using the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in the left hand, you can modify that and put into the limbic system the image of what you wish them to do (eg. your business competitor, enemy) to do exactly what you wish because it will give them a rush, a ‘zing’, a ‘high’, and once they are ‘in the zone’ (as alpha males call it — experiencing the rush of emotional charge) they will follow the programming you have pumped into their limbic system (especially the hypothalamus so that it’s remembered, the thalamus so it’s perceived, into the hippocampus so it’s stored in long term memory). The target will habitually, like a biological robot, carry out your programming, burning themselves out doing so.

This happens because the ‘high’ from ACTH makes them feel good and as the feedback of cortisol has been swiched off, there is nothing slowing them down. This is done by holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in the left hand and sucking energy out of their adrenal glands with respect to reducing or switching off their cortisol levels. Useful for controlling evil people who control the Matrix, giving the user of the BSRI-E complete control in the Western world.


Now, moving on to the brain stem, this is where the spinal cord goes into the brain and controls the basic urges (the reptilian complex) of humans. On the brain diagram, the brain stem is centred around the locus coeruleus.

If the No.1 BSRI-E crystal is held in the left hand and energy is sucked out, the targets biological responses will become passive and slow down as they lose energy and cohesiveness between brain and body.

The target becomes more and more sleepy and more disinclined to do anything. You can do this to the target if you are a more passive person yourself and don’t want to harm them. They will simply slow down so much that all they want to do is sleep.

Or, you can hold the No.1 BSRI-E crytstal in the right hand and pump energy into the targets brain stem. This makes them more excitable, full of energy, full of life. By imprinting the actions you wish them to take into their limbic system and locus coeruleus, they will habitually follow the programming as they feel good carrying it out as their reptilian complex tells them that it is good for them (initiating positive emotional responses).

You can take this technology further by focusing on different parts of the cortex and rewiring the neural network heirarchy of the targets brain, changing their character, personality, and every aspect of their mind — permanently. This is called Permanent Remote Influencing where the target becomes a surrogate for your own will. By this method you can control large numbers of people, all of  whom follow the programming of the BSRI-E adept.

To do this, hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand. Then, focus on the pre-frontal cortex (fluffy white/grey area around the limbic system on brain diagram) and suck energy out of the cortex. Keep sucking and sucking the energy out. In the cortex there are synapses (little connections between the nerve cells) and these connections require energy. If you keep removing this energy, eventually these synapses start to lose their programming they have aquired throughout the life of the target. Basically, you are taking the charge out of the circuit — earthing it.
Or, you can imagine it as a hard disk that has had a magnet taken over it and wiped clean. Sucking day after day, the target gradually loses the porgramming that has been put into them throughout their life.

You then hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your right hand and start to imprint into their brain the images of what you would like them to be, basically building a model of what you would like them to be like (how they perceive the world, see the world, how to act, carry out activities and behave towards people — how they think) and retraining them into another aspect of your conciousness.

Hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand to suck out any resistance/remnants of their old self, old programming, and with No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your right hand, turn them into a robot/zombie. This shows how the BSRI–E is the most advanced form of remote influencing by which the adept is the most powerful person in the Matrix and can control the Matrix and the humans/robots, conditioned by their elite masters via the media, schools, parental and peer conditioning.

Having had a brief look at the brain stress system, you can appreciate there are far more things this system can do. You must remember that ENERGY is the key, as massive amounts of it are needed.


Now we move on to the cerebellum (the crinkly bit just right of the locus coeruleus on the diagram). This controls co-ordination, visio-spatial awareness and other aspects of the body. By taking energy out of the cerebellum you can make the target uncoordinated and clumsy. If you are an athlete or support a football team, you can suck energy out of your opponents by targeting their cerebellum by holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your left hand. The longer you do it the longer the effect on the target.

This can be done from a few minutes to a few hours. This causes the target to lose co-ordination and become clumsy. They lose their athleticism and perform badly. You can also take energy out of their muscles (eg. a football team, a swimmer — making them feel tired, weak, perform badly). Good for use on race horses/dog racing as well, or any physical activity. You influence the field making it more unlikely for the opposition to win.

Looking at the opposite effect, you can hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your right hand and pump energy into the person, horse, team, to win. You imprint into their limbic system, via the thalamus, images of them winning, images of them being unbeatable, images of them performing perfect moves, having skills they don’t normally posesss, running at sprint speed all the time ect.

To do this, you pump the images into their thalamus as you pump energy into their cerebellum (their co-ordination system) holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your right hand. You are making the target more co-ordinated and stronger (this is important in boxing or American football where strength matters). To make them stronger, you then pump energy from the No.1 BSRI-E crystal into their muscles and in the same process you then link into their limbic system and cerebellum more energy, allowing them to co-ordinate this extra strength.

This will make their effort doubled. They will be twice as strong with twice as much co-ordination as their brain automaticlly co-ordinates this extra strength so that they have perfect use of this muscle power. This technology will have huge ramifications on the sporting world as anyone without this technology cannot win.

You can take more and more energy out of their cerebellum (No.1 BSRI-E crystal in left hand), more and more out of their muscles, and then you can rewire their cortex by taking energy out of the athletes (or horses) cortex.

This basically cleans their mind of all the programming they had to perform at the highest level, then, holding the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in right hand, implanting images of them not being able to perform, missing goals, getting the horse to lose interest in racing…

This will permanently damage (if done for long enough) the efficiency of anyone who is in the sports world so they are no longer adept at their sporting activity and their skill vanishes.

We now look at using the BSRI-E on The Human Body


If you look on the brain diagram at the functional division of the two brain hemispheres you will see that the brain is divided into two. The left one deals with speech, writing, language, calculation. The right one deals with spatial constructions within mind/space — the spatial images of pyramids or objects or car design. There is also simple language comprehension — when someone “sticks the finger” up at you, or shouts at you. This is the main area for ideas and imagination.


A remote influencer with the BRSI-E can hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in the left hand and suck energy out of the left hemisphere of the target which will make the target less able to speak at a high level of coherance, or write at a high level of coherance.

This is useful for the remote influencer to use on politicians, anyone in the pubic eye, and all their staff. It can be used during an election campaign to make the leader, the minions, and the party, all look like clods as they cannot function (speak, write, spin) properly — all done by sucking energy out of their left hemispheres.

Also useful for use on lobbyists as they cannot manipulate as they usually do, or on competitors companies (or companys, organizations, transnationals, scientists, military you don’t like) so that they cannot process the information at the level they need to run a successful business.

Can also be used against governments, allowing the population to see them as the incompetent idiots they really are. The energy sucked out of these targets can then be used to input energy into other targets as described above. You cannot put energy into the same target that you have previously taken it from for they are mutually exclusive.

This is the ultimate way of waging war in the Matrix as no army/organization can function without being proficient in calculation, IT, organizational skills, communication. If you want to increase the efficiency of the above mentioned skills of a company, potitical party, politician, government ect., to help them suceed, you pump energy into the left brain centre.

However, if you pump in too much energy you can ‘burn out’ their left brain centre and overload it by overloading the neural network which has the effect of stunting those skills you had wanted to boost. To avoid possible burn out, the energy should be pumped in in small homeopathic amounts. If you DO want them to burn out (military ect) then you can pump in massive amounts of energy to their left brain centres (colonels, generals – those in command) and they will be unable to function.

This is the perfect way to wage war or business warfare in the modern world as it leaves those in command of the army, police, company, unable to manage higher brain functions (they can still carry out speech, writing, number skills at a basic level, but not at the high level needed to do their job). All this is inexplicable, untraceable, as there is no proof as to what has happened to them.


Now, looking at more positive aspects you can hold the No.1 BSRI-E crystal in your right hand and pump energy into the right brain centre of the target. This will improve the creative capacity of artists, writers, architects, film makers, musicians or anyone who is creative.

It is also useful for boosting your own creativity by pumping in a small amount of energy to the right brain to help balance the two hemispheres, as most Westerners find all of their brain activity is left centred and in order to be an adept you need to balance up the two sides. This will cause a massive boost in your imagination, creativity, and in your remote viewing and remote sensing.

The full BSRI-E set is essential; not because it’s impossible to do it otherwise but because of the coherent energy needed. The BSRI-E crystals manage and control the energy in such a way as to carry out the effects. The BSRI-E crystals not only pump out energy, they also consist of biophysical augmented intelligences which control that energy flow.

They make that energy flow work, carrying out programming rather like on a computer — you can type the keyboard and get things done — but the massive amount of programming to do it is actually embedded within the biophysical aspects of those crystals which you have purchased.

So all these protocols which are given here rely on massive amounts of programming which are embedded within the biophysical aspects of these crystals, enabling the protocols of remote influencing the mind and brain to be carried out with perfect ease. Similarly, if you want to weaken the right hemisphere you can take energy out of the right hemisphere.

Protocols For Remote Influencing to be continued…


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The transcript of my interview with Jeff Rense on (radio show available in his archive) explains the science developed by the Russians to utilise psychic warfare. They found that psychic phenomena such as ESP, precognition, second sight, Remote Influencing, Telekineses and Psychonesis as well as distant and local healing could be explained by a new set of physical fields called torsion Fields. Tim Rifat is the only non Russian to be granted full access to this research so can now offer this breakthrough Torsion field Technology for the public. Torsion fileds travel at over 3 billion times the speed of light, pass through all known materials, can be set up into self generating field effects so they dont’ fade away (as in Psychotronic Crystals(TM) created by scientist Tim Rifat and are the field effects that are the basis of the human energy field so form the basis of the mind as well as being the Morphogenic Fields that control DNA tissue function, morphology , cell development. This puts Torsion Field science as the most important breakthrough in technology since the wheel. Russian scientists have Torsion Field satellites to find the, oil, gas, and strategic minerals under the North Pole and can tune the Torsion Field to jam specific Torsion Fields at a distance such as those of any target individual to cause disease and death. As you will see from the transcript  the Chinese have developed internet linked Remote Influencing and Killing to devestating effect. Tim Rifat the foremost non Russian scientist has developed Torsion Field technology for the non military user in the form of Psychotronic Crystal(TM)Ware to transform any computer and mobile phone with video capability into a Torsion Field Generator to boost the owners own energy fields; to act as a Psychotronic Crystal(TM) amplifier to enable Remote Influencing of others using the computer or mobile phone to generate the Torsion Fields that are then modulated by the humans own Torsion Field energy body to send information (Remote Influencing…) on the powerful Torsion Field broadcast by the computer or mobile phone.

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This is put on your computer and mobile phone and has and image of a Psychotronic Crystal(TM) idealised as a rod with a point to broadcast circular Torsion Fields and an Orb, Sphere to broadcast the spherical Torsion Fields. As Theordore Kaluza extended general relativity (that is why only mathematical physicists such as Tim Rifat can produce Psychotronic technology not counterfeitors (see Warnings) to show light in gravity in the fifth dimension. So the picture of the Psychotronic Crystal(TM)s as an image exists in the fifth dimension and allows the Torsion Fields produced by your computer and it’s attached Psychotronic Crystal(TM)s to be broadcast not in the 4 dimensions of the normal world but the fifth dimension of hyperspace. This being the realm of Psi-Space. So your Psychotronic Crystals(TM) Torsion Field Computer is now broadcasting in Psi-Space not only Remote Influencing the physical body of the target but the biophysical (mind) of the target so you can mind control any one at a distance. To fix the target you just put a picture of the target in an insert on your Psychotronic Crystal(TM)s wallpaper using that target’s image. This fixes the Torsion Field broadcast to that particular target setting up the resonance effect in the Torsion Fields of the target physical and biophysical body to individualise your Remote Influencing.

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This is a transcript of the Tim Rifat interview with Jeff Rense, aired on 20th August 2007. It can be heard on the broadcast archives of

Jeff: Tonight we have with us Tim Rifat from across the channel, England to be precise. Tim is an expert on Remote Viewing, which we have discussed here before on the programme and is a fascinating topic. Let’s hear what he has to say. Go ahead, Tim.

Tim: I don’t know about expert but I’ve written 3 books on Remote Viewing. I had a special story tonight about something called Remote Killing, and whether Benjamin Fulford’s promise to start killing the Illuminati, in this case the top of the tree, the bankers, has begun or even is on it’s second banker.

Jeff: The whole thing is very interesting, I’m getting a lot of email from people about that. Benjamin Fulford did send an update which I ran last week. He of course, the intermediary, according to what he is telling us of the Chinese secret society of some 6 million members, 1.8 million of which are supposedly gangsters.

Their influence extends all the way to, of course, Taiwan and into Japan and with about 100,000 assassins and according to Ben Fulford, who was the Forbes Asia Pacific bureau chief for 8 years, this group has ‘had it’ with the bankers and the Illuminati, and the Rockafellars, and views the SARS epidemic, which did take out 95% Asian victims, even in Canada the victims were almost entirely exclusively Asian.

They view the SARS epidemic as a potentially failed biological attack on people of Asian descent, and they say ‘Don’t do it anymore — or else’, and they also say it’s ‘time to change the way we do business and we’re going to start changing it now — again, or there will be dire consequences,’ i.e. some of the Illuminati will begin to die off — unnaturally, or otherwise.

And Tim of course is, in case you don’t know, well versed in Remote Viewing. From the English side of the Channel, he is long experienced in the field, an expert, and has some things to say about Remote Influencing, as they say, people. And we’ll hear some interesting discussion here in the next hour and a half. Go ahead Tim, let’s get into it.

Tim: Well, it starts having written 3 books on the subject. I’m considered Europes’ expert on psychic warfare which has meant that the British have been trying everything and anything to kill me, shut me up or, at the very least, get me in a psychiatric prison so they can use the good, old MK Ultra techniques to find all the secrets.

But from the Russian point of view, I’m well considered and thought of as a leading expert who isn’t, as I say, a puppet of the Illuminati, so they have shared many, many things with me and the story starts in 1997 when a member of the CIA came to Brighton to see me. He was a Remote Viewer, part of the programme, I can’t mention him, otherwise I’ll get extradited, and so one doesn’t want to go down…the White House fiasco of naming CIA agents, but…

Jeff: So what you’re saying is you don’t want a visit to Cuba, is that it?

Tim: Well, they wouldn’t take me to Cuba, British citizen, etc., so it would have to be through the official system, but it is illegal to name CIA agents on the air because it might endanger them. But anyway, he came to Brighton and he had, strangely enough, being undercover in Russia and he was looking for, as he called it ‘The Motherload’, which was the Soviet inner secrets of psychic warfare, and…

Jeff: Which, by the way, I should point out, go way back. The Russians, the Soviets were the first to really delve into the world of psychic prowess; remote viewing, psi power, there’s all kinds of things, telekinesis, you name it. And that was starting out, I guess, in the ‘60’s. The Americans were latecomers to it, played catch-up with the Stanford Research Institute, with the legendary people like Ingo Swann, Hal Puthoff, Rastark were involved with the programme early.

That lead to Stargate; the army’s remote viewing programme, which did run, I guess, for over a decade anyhow, and was officially disbanded by the then CIA chief, Robert Gates. Of course, no one believes the whole thing was dropped completely, but it went ‘sub rosa’ and most people believed that probably all the major branches of the military, maybe even the larger international corporations retain these people, certainly on a contract basis, and others, to do remote research for them. Alright, ok, go ahead…

Tim: The CIA agent told me that only 1% of the research up till then was being released to the public by their ex-operatives because these ex-operatives couldn’t give out anything of any real value, otherwise they’d get a free visit to Levenworth, which rather devalues the ex-operative/CIA/DIA remote viewing business in your country. But be that as it may, under Andropov, the Soviet Union spent (according to one of your leading U.S. writers) $500 million a year on the project and had 20 secret subterranean bases (Novosebursk, under Moscow University, etc.,). So this wasn’t ‘small beer’.

Jeff: No, no. It was a big programme. And especially when the Americans got involved and I’ve got a story or two I might just chip in, not anecdotally but second hand that are interesting as well, later on. Go ahead…

Tim: One must ask, why were they spending this enormous amount of money on something which, in the West, doesn’t exist? And of course, people in the know like myself and this CIA agent knew that not only does remote viewing, which is the ability to look at distant things from your own living room, psychically exist, but there are things called remote influencing.

The ability to influence other people from a distance, remote sensing, or ESP, or telepathic scanning — the ability to go into peoples heads and find out what’s in there — which is good for finding out their secrets, and more importantly, remote killing, which is the ability to, as I think it was Zironovsky said: they had the ability to remotely kill people up to 1000 km away, which seems all very, very strange.

Jeff: When did Zironovsky say that, approximately Tim? I can’t remember.

Tim: That was during Yeltsin’s time.

Jeff: That’s right.

Tim: He was getting very bellicose.

Jeff: Yes. Yeltsin also, in a drunken moment, said that they had machines that could stop the heartbeat of an animal at something like 100 metres, but that was obviously small change compared to what you’re talking about.

Tim: Yes. It’s made even worse in that the remote killing technology developed by the Soviets was used on Yeltsin and he was in mortal fear of his life as he kept getting heart attacks from these operators, be they using mechanical devices or psychically trained remote killers, and he had to get his own team to protect him from the numerous heart attacks he kept getting.

Now the story really gets quite interesting in that the assistant to the leading psychic warfare guy, the overlord of that, sent me loads of information on the project and gave me the inside story, which has never been revealed anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I didn’t reveal it to the CIA because I didn’t want to be a stooge and they tend to keep people with those secrets under wraps, and I’m not madly keen on living in a bunker in Omaha for the rest of my life, so I kept the true story until now because it has implications for the death of Guy de Rothschild and Eli Rothschild, who died in June and August respectively, and seems to have triggered off the subprime meltdown.

Jeff: This is very interesting and it’s an angle you’re obviously not going to see covered in the New York Times or any of the other controlled mouthpieces over here, so let’s take a break, come right back and follow this fascinating narrative with Tim Rifat, live from England. Tim’s with us once a month regularly, and this is a special report tonight on remote influencing and some strange deaths, or coincidences, or are there any coincidences at this level anymore.

We’ve done many programmes over the 14 years we’ve been with you on this subject. It’s fascinating and there are extraordinary things, that most people would never even imagine. Some of these may sound a little much to you, but open your mind and just entertain them and, if you have been with us for a long time, you will certainly know that we’ve spent a lot of time with some of the top people in the field, from Stargate programme Paul Smith, Lyn Buchanan, certainly Joe McMoneagle and many others. We’ve had some great people on who have tremendous talent and ability in this field. So go ahead Tim, we’re right with you.

Tim: So, what interested the Soviets was the Nautilus hoax, where the U.S. was stated by a French magazine to use telepathy to contact it while it was at sea, and that interested the Soviets at the time in the 60’s because communicating with nuclear submarines underwater is very, very difficult. They use ELF to get through the water, but you can’t carry much information, they have to get near the surface to burst-transmit to contact them, so that hoax initially started the Soviet psychic programme because Stalin took away the moratorium he had on psychic research in the 60’s and started putting money in.

But it was only in the 70’s that it really took off and according to my Russian contact, what they found out was that psychic phenomena had very little to do, if anything, with the electro-magnetic spectrum because they consist of light and microwaves and radio waves etc., because they can’t pass through metal boxes (for example into submarines) and the phenomena of psychic phenomena was found to be able to work through a Faraday cage and a Faraday cage is a metal box, or mesh box, which blocks out electro-magnetic radiation…

Jeff: Some people, by the way, have attempted to make their homes, or bedrooms into Faraday cages with various…well, they’ll run wire up and down the walls, across the ceiling, around the floors, put themselves in a Faraday cage, usually copper wire if I remember correctly, Tim.

Tim: Yes, I’m talking to you from one. I’ve got a nice steel room.

Jeff: There you go

Tim: It’s very useful if you live in Britain with loads of microwave death squads run by MI5. I laugh at them.

Jeff: You don’t even need a death squad. All you got to do is look at all the cell phone towers and everything else around London and any other major city now. We’re living in a constant bath of very deadly electro-magnetic radiation, we’re running a very wide spectrum. Think, a hundred years ago there was none, of any of this. And if you think that living organisms can adapt to this kind of an invasive stream of electro-magnetic energy in a hundred years, you’re wrong. It’s not working. But do go ahead, and we understand a Faraday cage very well, at least I do and it’s interesting. A lot of people have them, you wouldn’t know it, but they do.

Tim: Right…so what the Russians then had to develop was a whole new physics to explain paranormal phenomena because there was a woman who could move thing around with her hands on film telekinetically, Kalugina (if I pronounce her name right), and there are various films of her telekinesis…

Jeff: Oh, she was amazing. They’re old black and white films but I think they’re on the Net, somewhere…

Tim: And there are also psychics who are proving it so as you might guess the Russians, who are the best physicists in the world, most of them have now rushed over to work for Wall Street on the derivatives market, which has proven a little too difficult for them…

But anyway…they came up with new forms of radiation called torsion fields, which I’m not making up. You can look it up on the Net, torsion fields. If you can read Russian or get the Russian translations, you’ll find Russian websites are full of things called torsion fields. And these torsion fields are a new form of radiation which travels not at the speed of light but, according to Russian researchers, at least at 3 billion times the speed of light.

So it means that if you’re remote viewing using torsion fields, you could travel a hundred light years a second, which gives you quite a good range. And within the context of psychic phenomena, these torsion fields aren’t stopped by metal boxes (Faraday cages) and pass through all known material. They have been found to be very useful.

The U.S. have just launched a torsion field detecting satellite because they can look through sea water and find submarines. The Russians have been using them, torsion field detecting satellites, detecting torsion fields, to look for mineral reserves, so that’s why they can see underneath the Polar ice and find all those reserves. And that’s why they have declared the Komissarov Ridge, which goes all the way to the North Pole and then toward Canada, as part of the Soviet Union. So these torsion fields are the cutting edge of new science and also, according to the Russians, explain psychic phenomena.

Jeff: It’s quite a field. The whole thing is amazing and does go back to the 1960’s with the early Soviet experiments. We’ll come right back with Tim Rifat and continue our conversation in just a couple of minutes…

…Just a little re-cap in case you joined us. Apparently, the whole beginning of American interest in so-called pseudo-scientific Intelligence, Intel methods, was the publication in 1970 of a classic book called ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain’, written by Sheila Ostrander and Lyn Schroeder. I had one or both of them on the programme years ago… fascinating people.

Remember, Soviet scientists were interested in various aspects of the paranormal. Now, let me give you this one little titbit that really got Americans, I think, concerned, shall we say. Especially the CIA.

Among the most intriguing stories in their book was an account of an experiment, a Soviet experiment, involving rabbits. Electrodes were inserted into the brain of a mother rabbit, and baby rabbits without implanted electrodes, were put on a submarine. Now, her babies, with no electrodes, were put on a submarine that then put to sea and was submerged. One of the baby rabbits in that litter of rabbits was killed and as the scientists recorded the moment of the baby rabbit’s death, the brain of the mother rabbit, hundreds of miles away on shore, reacted at that exact moment.

So, setting aside all questions of animal cruelty, I guess, and experimental ethics, that was interpreted to show that ESP existed and served to connect minds. Now that was the beginning of it all and as I mentioned, it went from there in 1966 to the Stanford Research Institute and from there to the army’s project which was called Stargate. Very, very interesting, to put it mildly. Go ahead, Tim…

Tim: If one goes to the rabbits, they can’t communicate by electro-magnetic waves because the submarine is a Faraday cage underwater…


Tim: …so of course the Russians looked for new forms of radiation, which they wouldn’t have done so, because once you are shown there is a new form of radiation, or must be, so we have the rabbits broadcasting something which is received by the mother rabbit. Just like a radio transmitter and a radio receiver – simple as that.

And what the Russians did was, found that there were things called torsion fields and they then…well, how did they find them? Well, they made a device which could actually pick up torsion fields. Which is now used by the Russians in satellites and accordingly, I’m told, the Americans have just launched their own first torsion field detector. So these things do exist. They have many, many economic and financial considerations. I’ve got a top secret report from the Russians on torsion field generators and their other uses, which we’re going to talk about tonight.

But, be that as it may, these torsion fields got the Russians interested, because when they used the torsion field detectors on humans, they found they also produced torsion fields. So, the rabbits were torsion field generators so there must be a torsion field around living things which, until then, was unknown. So that lead them to find that there was something called a biophysical body around the physical body, which was composed of torsion fields.

Now, torsion fields are rather like spirals, vortexes, and as you might know, the vortex goes from large to small, but then there is also a concomitant pulsing effect, as the vortex gets smaller, the pulsing effect gets bigger. So there are two parts of a torsion field and this field was, according to the Russians, the field that controlled biological processes.

The DNA, which is a spiral, picked up the torsion field and the torsion field could switch, and did switch, the DNA, the genes, on and off and gave something called a morphogenic field which is…basically we all have the same information in us, but why is it that the outside layer of skin cells…and then you’ve got heart cells, bone cells…they all contain the same information but they’re different. What tells them to be different?

Well, this morphogenic field actually differentiates cells into becoming different cells so that it actually controls the growth and development of the body, which is very useful and very interesting and shows that we’re all torsion field generators and that ESP/telepathy can exist between closely related animals of the same species, for example, mother rabbits and baby rabbits.

Jeff: Right…

Tim: Now, if one has the field, the explanation, you’ve got torsion fields you can broadcast, therefore, ESP works. If it’s a torsion field it can go through any object and travel at super-luminal velocity. So that lead to the Russians developing ESP research because they knew it existed. They knew humans were torsion field generators and could receive and transmit, as with the rabbits, so they developed their whole psychic warfare project based on that simple experiment with the rabbits.

Now, the more interesting parts came when they discovered that not only could you have telepathy and telepathic scanning where you could look into peoples minds but, if you’re a transmitter you can transmit signals, torsion field signals, to other people and make them go to sleep, which was called the telepathic knockout.

So they actually had psychic warfare officers who learned how to put people to sleep. And that was simply because the front of the brain has one charge, and the back of the brain has another charge and if you reverse it, you can actually telepathically knock people out, which was the starting point of remote influencing.

Because if you can start making people go to sleep, you can then start to control pulse rates, and then it gets interesting because you then can start using it offensively to damage people. And what was found was that it was very easy to damage people, which is remote manipulation because any signal that is sent to the brain and received will have an effect and there are specific brain centres which you can use for something called remote killing.

Jeff: Ok, very heavy stuff. Back in just a minute with Tim Rifat.

Tim: So we have a method of influencing other people remotely. A physical transmission with torsion fields and the biological activity works in many ways. You can switch on the targets genes which are oncogenes, which can give them cancer, you can, in fact, activate the supplementary motor area which is the top of the brain, on the top of the head, soft spot, underneath that, which you can input thoughts to make that person obey you and be more likely to carry out your commands.

You can activate the gene for cell destruction so the area you’re targeting starts to …basically die, rot, and the most interesting one is the insular cortex which is a fold in the cortex above the ear, which controls the heart and if you target that, you can give the target a heart attack. Which Yeltsin was being attacked with so the insular cortex above the ear, it’s a fold in the brain, on the cortex. The brain has the cortex outer layer, the limbic system and then the reptilian brain inside. And this insular cortex is the means by which you can give the target heart attacks at a distance using remote influencing.

And you can also…we know about stem cells, there’s been a huge amount of money spent on it, billions upon billions…and stem cells are the cells which renew a damaged organ or…they’re the ones that make new heart, new lung or new liver, but after the embryo, they can only produce one new type of tissue. They can’t produce, for example, the stem cells from the heart can’t be used in the brain to make new brain cells. So that’s why the umbilical cord blood, which has the stem cells which can make anything, are being harvested from newborn children, frozen, and maybe, in future times, one can use that.

The interesting thing is, to activate them in the lab, you put them with the eggs, harvested eggs from females, and then that seems to turn the stem cells on. So with remote influencing you can find the frequency, the torsion field frequency, for switching stem cells on so that not only can you kill people, you can start to cause healing, which explains absent healing and psychic healing, which people have believed in for a long time, but actually we have found now there is a scientific basis to that. So not only can you kill people, but you can heal them. So you can imagine…

Jeff: Tim, elaborate on that healing aspect a little bit more. We’ve had, what we consider to be of course, spontaneous healings, divine intervention, angelic healing, healings of all kind, hands on healing, hands off healing, you name it…

Tim: It’s just simply remote influencing.

Jeff: Right. Why all these different terms? I’m trying to get them lumped together for us so we…

Tim: Well they’re all one thing, remote influencing, all those terms you’re using. And the method is: you’ve got a transmitter, which is the healer, transmitting a torsion field, which is the morphogenic field which Sheldrake talked about, the morphogenic field. He’d written books on it before he was ex-communicated from the mechanistic biologists of Great Britain but, even so, now he’s working, I think, for one of your institutes over there…

Jeff: Uh-huh

Tim: And if, for example, you’ve got a damaged heart, there are heart stem cells which can be used to rebuild that heart. Or if you’ve got a damaged liver, there are stem cells which can be used to rebuild that liver, but the mechanism for doing that is damaged by, for example, a massive heart attack or by drinking a couple of bottles of vodka a day, but with remote influencing you can add…remember when you activate stem cells in the lab you put them with the eggs of females and there is a certain torsion field that switches the stem cells on. So you can see that if you can broadcast that field which is put by…in the lab by putting human eggs in contact with the stem cells to switch them on…if you can replicate that by remote influencing, then you can start making damaged hearts, damaged livers, rebuild themselves using the stem cells which are within you. So as you can see, spontaneous healing has a mechanism by using the torsion field, which is the morphogenic field, which switches genes on and off, etc., switching on stem cells which then grow, replicate and repair the damaged liver or the heart. That is the modus operandi for absent healing and all the other things you talked about, which are the same thing.

Jeff: Got it.

Tim: So it’s very interesting stuff. The Russians weren’t interested in that area of it. I am, because that’s of great commercial interest, but the Russians were interested in the ability to harm and damage people and there’s interesting research that every disease within the body causes a brain lesion. So every time you attack the brain as a remote influencer you can cause ill-health in the person by just attacking…basically stabbing the brain…with a torsion field from the psychic warfare officer and cause disease. So if you could map which area causes which disease, you can actually know, and have the ability to cause, specific diseases in the target. Not just kill them but actually be able to make them specifically ill.

Jeff: Now here’s a piece of science that underwrites and underscores what Tim just said. The…I’m going to keep this as short as I can…the Russians, the Khaznachievs experiments took a piece of human skin, perfect, healthy skin. They cut one piece in half, put it in a clean petri dish, put the other piece in a second petri dish and put a thick, quartz glass between them…separated them. That’s a very dense tissue, quartz. So, in the one petri dish they introduced bacteria to the piece of flesh, if you will, and the bacteria grew, replicated, overwhelmed and killed it.

The other piece, on the other side of the quartz glass, which was in a sealed, clean petri dish, died of the same symptoms, without being affected, or infected, by the bacteria very shortly after the first one died. The exact same physical results of the bacteria, even though the bacteria weren’t there. So the death of the otherwise healthy tissue which had been infected, was attributed to what the Soviets called, ‘death photons’ being emitted. Not emitted…transmitted, by the dying tissue. So these death photons were somehow emitted/transmitted to the other tissue which was it’s duplicate…it was the same thing, it was part of the same tissue. And it picked up the energy and died of the same physical manifestations, even though the bacteria weren’t present.

Tim: Which was the basis of remote influencing, used to damage the target or kill them. And then, of course we had Kalugina who did her telekinesis so they wanted to know how these torsion field could cause telekinesis…which is movement of objects. And there’s something called the Kasmar effect, which is when you have two metal plates, very small, nanometre metal plates,…the quantum vacuum pushes them together. But if you can lense the quantum vacuum, then you can cause anti-gravity and push them apart. This Kasmar effect is very…well, it gets in the way of nano-machines so scientists have postulated that lensing can cause anti-gravity from the quantum vacuum.

Now if you think that the torsion fields have travelled 3 billion times, at least, faster than the speed of light, then when you deal with the very small you need very short wavelength…which requires very high energy, so if you want to look at small things you have to use an electron microscope, but if you’ve got something which is 3 billion times faster then, at biological energy levels, you can have this quantum lensing effect and get anti-gravity. And anti-gravity, in the quantum vacuum, would cause something called telekinesis. So once you open the door, you can start explaining paranormal phenomena using these torsion fields.

So the Russians developed this technology and started using it. They boosted psychic effects using something called psychotronic generators, which essentially were devices which amplified the torsion fields of people, so that people who had weaker torsion fields, non-psychics, could display psychic abilities by having their innate biological fields boosted. Or else you could store torsion fields in the generators and use them as batteries to increase the capability of healing or the capability of remote influencing.

Now, there was a huge amount of research and then, of course the Soviet Union started coming apart, and the interesting bit comes now, that after the fall of the Soviet Union the GRU, who had the inner core of these secrets, gave them, for free, the inner core, the motherload, to the Chinese.

Jeff: Now that’s a big turn and we’ll find out more about that with Tim Rifat in just a couple of minutes. We’ve kind of explained the background of how this came to be in rather a superficially…but to go any further in depth would leave a lot of folks behind, so we understand that torsion fields and anyone who wants to do some research on that certainly find a lot of it on the internet, torsion fields, understand that this is the medium by which this energy is being used, manipulated and otherwise, and in some cases, abused.

Now current news stories are very interesting and suggestive. I see when Benjamin Fulford was first on this programme was July 5th of this year and his announcement that a Japanese…Chinese…it’s part Japanese but it’s primarily Chinese of course, used to fight along side and support Chiang Kai-shek, is real tired of Western interests, the Illuminati more specifically, dictating to them how they are going to behave. Now you just told us something at the break which was very interesting. That the Russian’s motherload, I guess, of all secret technologies, if you can call it technology…it is technology, was given to the Chinese. So tell us more then give us some current events which may, or may not, be indicative of something happening. It’s hard to know.

Tim: Well the Japanese got some guy called Sokilov who was one of their psi warfare people who sold what he knew to Sony, who started up a big research centre in Tokyo so it brings the Japanese on board. The Chinese then scoured the country for young people who were psychic and took them away for special training…

Jeff: I understand they took, from what we hear, hundreds of people away. Their thinking was if you could harness a hundred minds who were able to use torsion fields and harness that energy, you’d have something pretty formidable.

Tim: Yeah, but the Chinese developed it beyond the Russians in that, as my Russian friend explained to me, they started using internet synchronisation where you’ve got camps full of Chinese people, psychics, linked by the internet so they could focus their energy on one specific target, huge numbers, at one specific time. So you could imagine if you’re broadcasting a torsion field, you can broadcast it over a wide time band, or you can focus it on the exact second at the exact points, for example, the insular cortex of the target and when you link them by internet, you don’t have numbers problems.

So you can get, for example, six million triad members focusing their torsion fields, remote influencing, on the insular cortex at one specific target, so you can imagine that’s going to improve efficiency quite drastically. You go from one remote killer to using the internet, to connect six million people at the same time, all at the exact same second. And luckily the Chinese are the same race, and the torsion fields change on race, so they’re different frequencies…think of it that way…so the Chinese have frequency-matching where they can meld to form a super-organism, let’s put it that way, so you can imagine Benjamin Fulfords six million Chinese, or even 100,000 assassins focused, using remote killing on the insular cortex of one person, could be very effective at causing remote killing. And we know that…

Jeff: Assuming that all 100,000, or the majority thereof, were trained in this field…

Tim: Yes, but remember that all the Chinese triad members are into kung fu and the ultimate form of kung fu is the soft form, where you develop the ability to hit meridians at a certain time to make people ill…I’ve got a chart here…you hit a person at a certain time, in a certain place, and the highest form is the death touch where you hit them somewhere around the midsection, I won’t exactly tell you, put in energy there, torsion field energy, which blocks the energy meridians and they drop dead sometime later. So this is part of their culture, they know about the ability to inject energy to kill people, this is just doing it remotely.

So you can think of it, if you’re one of the Chinese kung fu assassins, as just doing that death touch, but doing that remotely. And we know that internet synchronisation boosts the power significantly. Now if they were going to start on an Illuminati, the one who’s been publicised the most is a guy called Guy de Rothschild, who was in David Icke’s books because some illegitimate son of Guy de Rothschild was saying he was a satanist and a leading banker in Europe, if you read David Icke’s books, so he might have been a legitimate target, due to him being so high profile, due to David, and he died in June and that’s when the subprime problems started to develop and after Fulfords declaration, time limit was up, Eli has a heart attack while on a hunting trip.

These are old people of course, so they might die from natural causes, but the interesting thing is that the whole subprime phenomena really starts with Guy, if you look at the timeline and goes ballistic around Eli’s death which goes back to what I’ve been saying on my normal programme that if the bankers and their Illuminati families are according to your…the power of the bankers are 13 banking families at the core of the Illuminati…if they can’t conquer the world then of course the Zionist empire will be bankrupt and will have to take the money off the middle classes.

So one can think that if…if…the Chinese had this capability it signals the death knell for the Illuminati bankers military takeover of the planet. So of course, as I’ve talking for years on your programme, they would have to go to plan ‘B’ which is, if you remember, which you do, is the economic collapse of the Western middle classes to pay for the money they were printing like mad to collapse the Soviet Union, and also to boost the Western economy beyond it’s means, let’s put it that way.

Jeff: It’s way beyond it’s means now. By the way, they haven’t stopped printing money at all. They got into the habit and they keep doing it…

Tim: Yeah, the European Bank has, I think, printed a good $560 billion’s worth…

Jeff: Just last week. That’s right.

Tim: Yeah, that’s last week. We go on to the financial expert next who knows infinitely more than I do about economics, but I’m just saying it’s interesting to note that the death of these individuals can be linked to the financial meltdown or the disintegration…let’s call it disintegration, it isn’t a meltdown because they keep pumping money in… but it can be linked to a change in the strategy of the bankers going from trying to conquer the world under Bush and Blair to plan ‘B’, which is the financial union of the Zionist empire and the destruction of much of the middle class in the Zionist empire to pay for the huge, huge debt which you’ve now got.

If the Chinese have this capability, if they got very, very upset then of course you’d have more than Guy and Eli dying, you could have other bankers dying. So you can imagine, even if remote influencing and killing wasn’t the reason for these old people dying, which it might not have been, it certainly put the fear of God up them and check the dates of the deaths. You’ll see they strongly coincide with the start and the explosion of this subprime equity blah, blah, blah meltdown, disintegration, or let’s call it, small ripple in the world economy.

So one can see that the Chinese have the capability. And if we have internet synchronisation of large numbers of Chinese psychics then the ability to manifest these phenomena, and the probability and expectation of success, goes up dramatically. Because if you’ve got one remote killer, then he might attack someone, and just make them like, for example, with Yeltsin, give them a heart attack but Yeltsin lasted a long time even though he got multiple heart attacks. But if you’ve got, for example, 100,000 assassins…

Jeff: Even 10,000 psychically trained people, even 5000 psychically trained people…

Tim: Would you like 5000 beaming at you?

Jeff: I think I’ll pass on that. Hold on, back in just a minute with Tim Rifat.

We’re back with Tim Rifat. Hi Tim, we have about six minutes left so I don’t know how you want to wrap up this very interesting conversation, to put it mildly, but let me just say as an addition to the conversation that…I don’t want to name who it was, but one of the top remote viewers in Stargate…and I do believe it was on a programme here years and years ago, when I asked him about probing the Soviets, at the time…the Russians later on, but the Soviet Union …

He was apparently tasked with…he didn’t know it of course – they’re never told exactly what they’re doing…but I think he had an idea…of trying to enter a remote viewing programme in the Soviet Union and he went there, in a remote viewing sense, and was able to penetrate it but he said he was caught by one of their remote viewers and left, as soon as he was found out, psychically, of course.

It was a very interesting story. So yes, these kinds of things happened and are yes, they’re probably still going on. We all know that the military doesn’t dispense with a programme that works and certainly remote viewing worked – very well in many, many cases and this is, with torsion fields, something you’re not going to hear about except probably on this programme because it is, I’m sure, considered to be at an ultra-secret level. Not only here but in Russia and probably the UK and elsewhere. Go ahead Tim.

Tim: The top US remote viewer was Pat Price who died of a heart attack…

Jeff: The strange death of Pat Price, yeah…

Tim: And let’s go to the Iraq/Afghan war. If you can have large numbers of internet-linked psychics and you input the supplementary motor area, the amygdala, the pleasure/pain centres of the brain, then you can make for example, populations – and have large numbers of psychics, as the Chinese do – you can make them fight. For example, Dannet, of the British Army says they can’t fight anywhere else, they’re at full stretch. Basically they’ve got to leave Iraq, they can’t win Afghanistan without pulling out of Iraq; he’s at the end of his tether. All British troops now can’t say a word about anything because it’s such a debacle, so they’re legally forced not to say a word.

So one can see that you can use remote influencing to make the Iraqis and Afghans fight, fight, fight… fight, fight, fight until the Americans and British are defeated so you can see that’s pretty useful. You’ve also got the capability of making America do what the Chinese want in terms of financial things using remote influencing, so that’s very useful.

You’ve also got the ability, if you’ve got large numbers of internet-linked psychics, to use this telekinetic ability, this anti-gravity effect, to change the rate of neutron flux in something called a nuclear reactor, so in war time there’s the possibility of making the reactors in, for example, carrier battle groups, go bang, or else if you use the opposite effect, making nuclear weapons not go bang when they hit the ground.

So we have interesting implications for something called ‘future war’ which might be a reason why the bankers, in my opinion, are going down the Amero path to collapse the middle classes of the West and produce a mini-New World Order based on Europe, Australia, New Zealand and America, Mexico and Canada, all with the same currency, with very little middle class, hugely repressive police state because their chances of conquering the world now that China and Russia have joined together…that must be putting the fear of God up the bankers.

Their chance of conquering the world are rather slim and Putin’s decided he’s the banner man for anti-Westernism so it isn’t too far a stretch to think that the collapse of the Western middle classes to pay off the huge debt of the Zionist empire rather than try and conquer the world might be the plan that the death of Guy de Rothschild and Eli Rothschild have pushed the 13 banking families of the Illuminati into taking. So it’s just a thought. All of these things are top secret, you’re not supposed to talk about them.

Anyone who does talk about them has normally signed the Official Secrets Act, or whatever you’ve got in America, so they can’t talk about it. Luckily I just tell the government to run, take a jump and just reveal what I wish, when I wish so, as I say you’ve just been given a slight glimpse of these super-secret things, the cutting-edge of new military technology which is being developed in Russia and China and the Americans probably have got their own new Manhattan Project, trying to duplicate this technology.

Jeff: Well Tim, thanks. It’s fascinating and…

Tim: I hope you found it interesting.

Jeff: Yes, and it’s really something we don’t have a chance of knowing about at this point in time, maybe in twenty or thirty years they will have declassified some of it. Thanks Tim for that, get a good night’s rest, appreciate it, talk to you soon…