Pavlitov, the Czech discoverer of PA’s stated that the devices stored psychic energy which could be used by the operator. Soviet PA’s depended on topology-shape-based on pyramid power and derivations of this. Current Russian PA’s use spinning shaped torsionic solitons, the various designs go from spinning magnets, electromagnets up to spinning plasmas; those of you who can read Russian will find a lot of information from Tomsk University interesting.

I used quartz crystals as PA as when pressure is applied to them they give off an electric field-spark. If one applies a negative biotronic field pressure to them of sufficient intensity they give off positive biophysical fields. By making the quartz matrix a negative biophysical black hole one can shred all negative biophysical entities to supply biophysical energy for the adept.

Those interested in Soviet PA’s can read about them in my first book Remote Viewing published by Century; Random House 1999 and my second book Remote Viewing published by Vision 2001.

The superlative thing about quartz PA’s is that their power source is the negative biophysical realm, the inorganic realm described in Carlos Castaneda’s books. They feed off all inorganic energies such as mudshadows, memes, demons, archons, etc. this means they are harmless to the positive biophysical beings such as humans unless these humans are possessed by negative biophysical beings.

On the other hand the PA that is described by Tolkien, the gold power ring is another kettle of fish. Gold is worshipped by humans, the elite control all money – gold by owning all the banks. People spend all their lives dreaming wishing and acting to achieve the meme of gold which is linked with the memes of Power, Money and Sex. It could be said that the majority of humanity worships the gold meme. This energy is voraciously eaten by negative memetic parasites controlling the world’s banks.

A gold power ring feeds off the gold meme shredding all the negative and positive biophysical fields of all the entities feeding on that meme as well as shredding the reality built on gold. It then feeds this energy into the wearer bringing them Power, Money and Sex – we all know the world is full of golddiggers.

Gold PA’s are not for spiritual or psychic development but to take the basic gold meme from those who have it and give it to the wearer. In the process they make the entities that controlled the gold meme suffer to liberate more of the stolen gold meme – the archetypal dream of reality.

Uninterested in the gold meme I have never used one but Psiops adepts who are interested in gaining power in this reality will find them invaluable. They consist of a torsionic soliton heterotic string field set up in the ring in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. To make them requires technology from the far future, so US RV’s can try to duplicate the technology if they can view billions of years ahead. On this track they will find gold PA’s have a corrupting effect because they feed the Adept with Power, Money and Sex so making them attached to this reality, it is for that reason I shun them. For business people they are supremely useful allowing the competitive edge in all RV, RS and RI in the world of money.

To those who wish to purchase the gold PA power ring, the author is charging gold rings in a BSRI heterotic string power circle. Since BSRI is not being sold while the world is at war because of its potential use by terrorists to RK US citizens, the BSRI technology is being used by the author to convert gold rings into PA torsionic soliton heterotic string gold meme inducers.

To order your gold PA power ring send £100 or $160 plus the ring you wish to have charged. The gold ring must be at least 9 carat, not gold plated, the ring must be sent by insured postage in case of theft in the post, which is at the sender’s risk. The gold PA power ring will be charged in a BSRI heterotic string quartz crystal circle for 14 days upon which it will be charged with the gold meme. All rings will be returned by recorded delivery UK or Swiftair recorded delivery to the US. All European or US customers add £20 or $30 extra.

The gold PA power ring will be individually tuned to the customer – please supply a signature so it can be attuned to your biophysical field. Customers will find the gold PA power ring is the perfect PA for psiops business applications as give in my new book: RV and RS for Managers: Military Psiops for the Competitive Edge, Vision, 2003 (July UK), 2004 (April US); price £10.99 available from Amazon.

Please allow at least 21 days for delivery of the new gold PA power ring. The author does not supply rings because of ring size problems, and personalisation of the ring cannot be done unless the user has worn it for psychometric reasons.