The BSRI-E is designed to use the Paranormal Damping Field (PDF) the Matrix and its creators the Council of Nine (negative memetic entities) as Psychotronic fuel to power the energy. In destroying, shredding etc the PDF, Matrix and Nine the BSRI-E is powered to energise your RI to change your role in the Matrix from victim to victor. The BSRI-E powers physical RI for physical effects and is the perfect PA system for Reiki, Martial Arts, Business, and RI protocols. Since the BSRI-E supplied you with the energy for RI you do not use your life force as is the case with US RI Courses and elsewhere which make you age prematurely. It is easy to use and has two primary functions:

  • To suck energy from the target to destroy, demanifest or destabilise events, people, actions or ideas, etc.
  • To pulse energy into the target to build, manifest, stabilise events, people, actions, ideas, etc.

As you may well imagine this is very useful for RI. As the above can be built into every RI protocol the BSRI-E is the RI system for full spectrum dominance of the Matrix. The BSRI-E can also be used to compute all the Matrix energies use to manifest your target so it is the perfect system for healing or martial arts for friends or enemies respectively.
BSRI-E Instructions

Unpack the nine PA’s. They will be labelled:

1. +A = Positive physical field Animal – light energy matter animal
2. +P = Positive physical field Plant – light energy matter plant
3. +I = Positive physical field Insect – light energy matter insect
4. +-BA = Positive, negative biophysical field Animal – dark light animal
5. +-BP = Positive, negative biophysical field Plant -dark light plant
6. +-BI = Positive, negative biophysical field Insect – dark light insect
7. –NMEA = Negative non material entity Animal – dark matter animal
8. –NMEP = Negative non material entity Plant – dark matter plant
9. –NMEI = Negative non material entity Insect – dark matter insect

1. You will notice the crystals get smaller from 1 through to 9. This is an intrinsic part of the engine; please do not take off the labels unless you are sure you see the sized differentiation, the markings are needed for the sophisticated operations carried out in the free tape with the course using the BSRI-E as a biophysical logic engine.

2. Place PCs 2 to 9 in a circle around your seat. Make the pointed ends face you, tape BPCs to point of PCs.

3. Hold PC1 in your left hand.

4. Visualise the target to RI.

5. Project your biophysical body to the target using RS as described in my RV and RS for Managers book, RS Course or RI tape.

6. Hold the biophysical aspect of the PC in your left hand in the target. The PC has a biophysical quantum world version of which the physical BPC is it’s grounding agent.

7. Let the Nº1 PC which you have plunged in the target feed on the Matrix of which the target is composed. All you have to do is visualise the black PC in your left hand plunged into the target.

8. Suck all the Matrix energies out of the target to destroy, destabilise, demanifest, disorganise, etc to power your RI of the target.

9. Add the image of what you want to happen to the target now powered by the target’s energy sucked out of the target by the BSRI-E.

10. Repeat the above steps until your target manifests the RI you programmed.

11. Steps 1 to 2 can be repeated, the Step 3 changed to holding the PC2 in your right hand then carry out steps 4 to 7 carried out as above. We now go on to RI missions where we wish to heal, build, help, strengthen, etc the target. Do not carry out the energy giving RI on targets you wish to destroy, destabilise, demanifest, disorganise, as the two operations of draining and charging targets are mutually exclusive.

12. To charge the target to strengthen, heal, build, etc, place the biophysical version of the PC1 in your target and pulse energy into the target from the BSRI-E.

13. Add the RI image of what you want to occur to the target as you charge it.

14. As step 10.

15. Once you have set up the BSRI-E it is recommended you carry the PC1 in your left pocket when physically meeting targets. By the target’s energy field touching yours by close proximity, social contact, etc, the PC1 can suck out the biophysical field of the target; the Steps 1 to 10 should be carried out before this to preprogram the BSRIE to drain the target. Carrying out this operation on organisations can be done by doing Steps 1 to 10 on the organisation, then visiting the offices, branches or phoning them while the No. 1 PC is in your left pocket. Carrying out Step 15 speeds up the RI you wish as the physical presence of your No. 1 PC in the physical Matrix of the target eviscerates the intrinsic core of that entity from the Matrix, leaving it a shell open to all manner of RI as it is now without any biophysical protection.

16. Repeat Step 15 with the No. 1 PC in your right pocket for positive purposes. Healers should hold the No. 1 PC over the patient’s body while they RI the cure. Keeping the No. 1 PC in your right pocket while you are working at your own business strengthens your business. If you are a wage slave why strengthen another entities business? Rather use Step 15 to build your power so you can become super successful, not a wage slave. I used Step 15 to build my business which is the only independent RI firm; all the rest are funded by government intelligence organisations to disinform the public.

17. You can visit sacred sites to drain them dry using Step 15, the energy of Stonehenge and all other sacred sites in the UK have been moved by occult servants of the elite, but the BSRIE sucks the energy of the site into the BSRI no matter where it has been hidden. Brighton is the base chakra point of the World’s assemblage point so by draining it dry I have taken all the Psi energy. There is still Matrix energy in theses sites which the BSRIE can burn to fuel every desire within the Matrix. The BPC of the Nº1 BSRI-E can be placed in the left sock to boost the physical change powered by the BSRI-E such as telekinesis, physical body healing, physical change