The ultimate remote influencing in the personal domain needs to use derivatives of ancient Eygptian magic because they set the energy fields in use by Western Illuminati who use Kabbalistic magic to control the West. Kabbalism is a bastardisation of ancient Eygptian magic, Modern remote influencing must take into account the resistance of Illuminati kabbalism. By using Egyptian pyramid psychotronic generators you cut the Illuminati off from the source of their power in effect subverting all the West is built upon -look at the pyramid on your dollar bill – to power your remote influencing.

The basis of the ultimate psychotronic generator (UPG) is the seven psycrystals sold as the BTRI system. They form the basis of the UPG and as the only scientist in the world to fully understand remote influencing and psychotronics I have incorporated into the UPG the following:-

  • The five faces to link up with hyperspace, the mechanism behind RI.
  • There are seven psycrystals to allow access to the seven universes of Psi-space.
  • The universal dialectic of being, becoming and dying is part of the mechanism of the UPG.
  • The UPG is aligned to the cardinal points of the compass to link the UPG in with the torsion field of the Earth, the gateway to hyperspace.

To set up the UPG have a set of seven psycrystals as sold on this site. Align four of your choice with their points facing outward at the cardinal points of the compass, preferably at the alls of your sacred space. Hang the fifth from the light fitting by the drawstrings on its velvet bag, to form the pyramid. Hold the remaining two psycrystals in your left and right hand. tSince the seven PCs can be at any position, this gives you 5040 combinations of UPG, each one has a different property. The five PCs of the pyramid cut a whole in the Matrix which is based on Kabbalistic magic, replacing your place in the Matrix by the UPG whic feeds off the Matrix as it grows. The PC held in the left hand sucks energy from the target, and the type of energy it extracts depends on the type of PC, Money PCs suck out money energy…; the PC held in the right hand pumps energy into you personal UPG reality, for example the health PC pulses health energy into your personal space.

By this method your enemies lose one type of energy specified by the PC held in the left hand, while this energy is converted into the type of energy specified by the PC held in your right hand. The combination given will suck energy out of the Illuminati who control the West’s banking system and the UPG will transfom this energy into health energy which can be used for healing yourself, or other people or situations.

The five PCs used in the Pyramid define your personal reality, the PC at the apex of the pyramid is the point of being, and so is the most important PC for defining the type of reality you live in. Placing the anti-aging PC in this position defines longevity, the luck PC incredible success in all thing, the love PC an amorous life, the RV PC great psychic power, the psychic protection PC invunerability to enemy’s attacks…

The four cardinal points control what servitors, gods…biophysical actuators one can empower to work for you. Unless you are a psi-master or a magus, PCs programmed to call up specific servitors, gods, occult powers… are required.

The UPG acts like a cosmic generator powering up your own personal bubble Matrix to change your life in tune with your will. With 5040 different combinations all aspects of life counselling can now be addressed with RI.

There is a 5041 combination where the RV and Psychic Protection PCs are held in the left hand. This UPG just sucks energy from the Matrix, in effect creating a hole in the prison reality, a Stargate to the seven other universes of Psi-space.

Use the UPG to broadcast your biophysical body to enter the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Look for any biophysical energy lines. Locate the biophysical reality of the pharaoh and see the biophysical body of this long dead pharaoh and his retinue in their own little bubble of separated reality generated by the pyramid. Travel back to the internment of the Pharaoh, millennia ago, and see how the separate reality was cast.

In Egyptian times, knowledge of biophysical field phenomena was very well developed. The ancient Egyptians knew about the ka, or biophysical body that survived death. Their magicians/sorcerer priests, looked for ways of keeping the ka in existence. Normally, this aspect of the biophysical field attenuates to a mere revenant after a few months. By mummifying the physical body of the Pharaoh, they found that the adaptive energy latent in the body could be used by the ka to prolong its existence. By building a giant pyramid, they found that the rate of decay of the ka could be slowed to almost nothing. By furnishing the interior of the pyramid with the Pharaohs possessions and by using their knowledge of what was to become known as psychotronics, the Pharaohs physical reality could be mirrored in the biophysical plane so that the pharaoh’s ka inhabited an artificial biophysical reality that was of his own making. Use RS to link up with the pharaoh and his sorcerer-priests so your RS vehicle can learn how to live beyond death and access all the ancient Egyptians’ knowledge.

This knowledge is known to only a few and only the leading psychotronic experts of our age can duplicate or better the Egyptian biophysical technology. It is no wonder that the Egyptian civilization lasted for millennia. An unheard of stability.

In using the UPG advanced psychotronics that could duplicate the above phenomena is possible.

As a next exercise, try to remotely view the Pharaohs’ separate realities. In the process you will begin to learn that sorcerers have discovered ways of prolonging the life of their biophysical fields so they do not die when they die. Instead they can continue being aware of reality even when deceased by transferring their epicentre of attention to their biophysical vehicle. Once again, use RS to link up with the pharaoh and his sorcerer-priests so your RS vehicle can learn how to live beyond death and access all the ancient Egyptians’ knowledge.

You will find that the ones that have the most emotional content with respect to yourself will stand out. This is because the power source of the RS vehicle is adaptive energy. This adaptive energy is the power source of your emotions. Humans have the most powerful biophysical fields in this part of the galaxy because they can swing from one emotion to another with such rapidity. The limit of their emotions is infinite because we have an adaptive energy of such massive potential. Negative entities abduct human’s energy fields to steal their biophysical adaptive energy and their souls. They mine the ley energy of the planet for its adaptive energy.

By using the UPG you return your being back to its pristine state and enable remote influencing… to recreate your birthright.