Sex Psycrystals allows the user to practise all aspects of sex magic, tantric sex, sexual remote influencing, astral sex, sex sacrifice occult as well as boosting sexual enjoyment and prowess. This is done by encapsulating the sexual energy of the male in a citrine Psycrystal and the female energy in an amethyst Psycrystals. The sexual energy is liberated from negative memetic energy parasites. The author lives in Brighton, the gay capital of Britain, so Psycrystals tailored to lesbians and gays can also be prepared with ease. The Psycrystals can be used for the highest aspect of magick, cabbala, uniting the female, male principle in its highest form to produce the energy of orgasmic magick.

To use the sex Psycrystals we need to classify the type of sex magick we are using.
There are three types of sex:-

1. Heterosexual.
2. Lesbian
3. Gay – homosexual

There are three levels of biophysical energy:-
1. Biotronic – physical energy.
2. Bioplasmic – living energy
3. Bioinformational – soul energy, astral, remote viewing.

This gives us nine combinations of sex magick
That is why the BSRI-Engine has nine Psycrystals as all the Matrix is based on sexual energy, see Castaneda’s The Fire Within.
To use the sex psycystals they are held in the left hand to acquire sex energy of the type associated with the crystal, or in the right hand to give energy of the type associated with the crystal.
To use the male Psycrystal hold in your left hand, pocket, side while having sex to pump male energy into you. This will increase performance, duration, hardness…

Similarly, the female Psycrystal can be used to boost enjoyment performance.
Each Psycrystal can be held against the sexual organ to pump it full of sex energy.
With two Psycrystals of opposite type a single person can pump themselves full of combined male, female, orgasmic energy by holding them together in left hand to pump full or right hand to discharge into you, This enables all types of sex magick to be carried out by the adept without recourse to a partner or sacrificial virgin – illegal and hard to procure, as well as very negative. In this case you use the sex energy stolen from humans by negative entities that makes humans grow old and impotent prematurely. Since this energy is the life-force of youth, it keeps the body young and potent. I do not exercise but am kept strong by feeding off the sex energy stolen from humans by entities which I shred for energy. This enables the darkest aspects of the occult to be explored without recourse to the elite’s ritual sacrifice.

Simply keeping the two different sex Psycrystals in your pocket all day fills you with orgasmic energy, or stores it from your surroundings, just by having them in right or left pockets respectively.

If you have a regular partner the Psycrystals can be used in the following way:-
Heterosexual, one partner has the male Psycrystal, the other the female. You can both suck energy from the entities in your city by holding the Psycrystals in your left hands while coupling. Or you can hold them in the right hand while coupling. The left hand method fills you both with energy for health; the right hand method boosts orgasm. It can also be used to power remote influencing, magick and thought form creation. Similarly lesbian and gay coupling can follow the same method.

The practise of dominance and submission can be practised by the couples having the sub hold the Psycrystal that is female in their right hand, while the dom holds the male Psycrystal in their left hand. This displays the submissive female characteristic in the sub, and the dominant male characteristic in the dom. Since it reverses the flow of normal sexual energy, which is from male to female, to produce babies, it instead creates a union between the couple.

The female can hold the female Psycrystal in her left hand while the male holds it in his right to pump both male and female energy into the female for baby making.
In gay couple both females can hold female Psycrystals to make their relationship sweeter, or male Psycrystals to make them more butch. Homosexuals should reverse this.
As can be seen sex Psycrystals revolutionise sex, sex magick… enabling stronger orgasms, healthier constitutions or deepening more esoteric sexual practises.

To use the Psycrystals to boost the three levels of the biophysical realm, the Psi-master should get a pair of opposite Psycrystals. I carried a pair around for many years to supply the sexual energy needed to boost awareness, as described in Castaneda’s: The Fire Within. They should be kept in your left pocket while you work, walk through the city, drive… By doing this they charge you with sexual energy combine it into an orgasmic union and pump it into you as they shred entities for fuel. This makes you potent and young as it rebuilds the biotronic aspect of your being damaged since birth by the predations of entities. It also feeds on the multitude of entities, dead should that inhabit your being as unwanted baggage, freeing you of unwanted sexual deviances and allowing you to flower as the real you. Don’t expect to become a saint, unless you were born one. It had the opposite effect on me freeing me of all the Matrix prison mind sets.

To boost your biophysical being in the bioplasmic arena, the realm of lifeforce, vital for brute force remote influencing, charisma, iron resolve, stamina, steel-like backbone, rhino hide, entrepreneur force, occult power… the two psycystals can be used to suck life force out of all the entities in your city to power you. Carry them around in your left pocket as before, but instead of letting them naturally discharge into you, hold the male Psycrystal in your left hand and the female in your right after they have charged all day. Couple the female energy into the male using you body as a circuit. This reverses the baby making process in your body, pumping this life-force into you not an external life form. By this process you build the bioplasmic energy field of your body, this enables you to carry out tantric sex, martial arts as practised by Chinese masters, all aspects of the occult, as well as astral sex. To carry out astral sex hold the Psycrystals as above, but remotely view the partner you wish to have sex with. The crystals give you the power to couple with their biophysical body. Females should reverse the Psycrystals.

To boost your bioinformational field bury the female Psycrystal in the ground to pump female sex energy from the planet into your body, hold the male Psycrystal in your left hand. Your biophysical body now acts as the circuit for the flow, boosting your bioinformational body from the energy field of the earth. If you work in a city, you can leave the female psycyrtal in your desk and it will feed of the energy of the city entities pumping you full of female sexual energy via your remote viewing body, while your physical body has the male Psycrystal. In this way you can gain the energy to remotely view perfectly, bilocate, astrally project, jump into other time-lines, bodies, or have real biophysical sex with anyone you choose, from anywhere. The crystal is proof against the real vampires that exist in biophysical space, enabling you to couple with them safely, or have sex in another body in another time-line.
As before this technology is not available to the military. Only hedonistic psi-adepts need apply, all military usage has been programmed out to enable only pleasurable uses.

The crystals are available as matched pairs for those wishing to charge them manually; any combination of two is $300.

Male Psycrystal$600.00
Female Psycrystal$600.00
Pair of Male and Female Psycrystals

They are personalised, but can be used safely by that person with a partner.