Tim Rifat, the world’s leading scientific expert on the paranormal has created the ultimate new age Psychotronic generator designed to amplify in a positive manner all aspects of new age endeavour. If you practice: Crystal healing, alternative healing, reflexology, aromatherapy, colour healing, rebirthing, reiki, shamanism, Carlos Castaneda Toltec shamanism, sorcery, voodoo, santeria, Tibetan magic, vedic practices, Silva Mind Control, transcendental meditation, NLP, channelling, wicca, witchcraft, chaos magick, the occult, communing with animals and trees, talking to angels, light working, astral projection, lucid dreaming, acupuncture, clairvoyance, foretelling the future, ninjitsu, tantric sex, dowsing, etc. the new age Psychotronic generator will amplify your biophysical field to superboost the efficiency of any new age activity. See

The New Age Psychotronic Generator carries out the following functions:

  • It superenergises the biophysical body of the new age practitioner so they can get the best out of their new age activity.
  • It cleans the new age practitioner of all negative entities and attachments so that all new age activity has a positive outcome.
  • It aids the positive forces and energies called up by the new age activity to carry out procedures in the most beneficial manner.
  • Only 4% of the universe is normal light and matter, this 4% is a tiny fraction of the real universe and is delicate. The New Age PC protects the real world while you practice so that you do not lose contact with the real world; instead you keep grounded and sound of mind.
  • 23% of the universe is dark matter. The New Age PC brings this dark matter into your activity if needed to negate evil: chaos magick, witchcraft, the occult; it also takes it away if needed; healing of all types, astral projection, silva mind control. By doing this it optimises practise of new age techniques.
  • 73% of the universe is dark energy. By controlling the amount of dark energy entering or leaving your sacred space it optimises your aura, feeds your higher and lower selves and nourishes any spirits, loas, inorganic beings you are communing with. Dark energy is vital for Toltec shamanism, negating the evil of witchcraft, voodoo, santeria, the occult, chaos magick, etc. so use of the new age PC enables success in all the high power new age areas.
  • It enables the highly developed soul the energy needed to lead the group, and destroy covens, etc., in all new age activities. Alternative therapists who deal with nervous patients during the day will find the new age PC invaluable to boost their energy levels in demanding situations. Reiki masters will find it amplifies and prolongs their powers.
  • The New Age PC frees the chakras from negative entities so your energy can be used to accomplish all areas of new age activity.
  • The New Age PC closes your aura off to negative influences and cleanses and amplifies your energy field.

The New Age Psychotronic generator has the following practical uses:

1 Hold the crystal in left hand or pocket to extract energy for the new age technique. This is useful for cleaning out negative entities, space clearing, exorcism, freeing ghosts, destroying diseases etc.

2 Hold the crystal in the right hand or pocket to pulse energy into the new age technique. This empowers all techniques such as: healing, talking to angels, tantric sex, channelling etc.

3 Place your New Age PC in your centre, hara, or breastbone to let the PC intelligently direct energies to and from you while in new age practice to maximise the effectiveness of your paranormal activity. This function allows the biophysical quantum computer within the quartz matrix to control the energy flows in the most beneficial manner. This technology was originally used by the Lemurians and Atlanteans but the New Age PC has purged the negative aspects of this crystal energy computer science to make it truly positive for the sensitive new age user by the use of a bioparticle.


The New Age PC comes in three different power levels (they are in effect intelligent biophysical entities).

The High Power new age Psychotronic Generator

The standard PC for all new age activity. Its Psychotronic battery capacity is such that all new age BPC activities can be safely supplied for amplification and optimisation. Since the new age PC is self charging the Psychotronic generator needs no costly recharging, it works for life. Bioparticle for physical new age events such as healing, body remodelling, telekineis.

The Superpower new age PC

A larger version crystal for those new age groups who require group BPC amplification. All group new age activities are covered by the power output of this PC so it is ample for all groups. It is also useful for new age therapists who deal with many patients during the day and require all day long high power healing amplification.

The Ultrapower new age PC

An even larger PC with a very high power output especially of dark energy/matter. This is needed for Toltec shamanism (see Castaneda’s Art of Dreaming), voodoo, chaos magick, high level witchcraft, etc. It is optimised to empower and protect negating the evil of: so using incomplete, wrong rituals do not backfire on you. The PC also expands around you a bubble of protection so high level work is not interfered with by Illuminati, demonic forces, (see so you will not be harmed by dangerous procedures.