The pyramid was originally designed to amplify, preserve the biophysical body of the Pharoahs so it is the perfect shape to boost astral projection, lucid dreaming/waking, out of body experiences, shamanic states, altered states of consciousness, remote influencing, and burn occult and magick for Psychotronic Fuel, when combined with Psychotronic generators in the form of psycrystals as well as power rings in the form of silver anti-occult/witchcraft meme power ring, anything is possible. By powering the above with Burning of the Matrix, the Ultimate Psychotronic Generator Pyramid can free the biophysical body from the Matrix to travel at will, astral projection, remote viewing etc, not only possible but normal.

Set up the UPGP in the Matrix Burning mode as used to power up the gold meme power ring, but this time use it to power up your silver anti-occult/witchcraft meme power ring. As the Illuminati worship Baal, Mammon, Yahweh… the silver power ring acts as a battery to store the power of this three headed diabolical entity as it is shredded by the UPGP and turned into usable energy. In the process all the occult rituals that the Illuminati have carried out to gain power and give humanity over to the insectiles collapse. The silver occult meme power ring can be used to burn all occult rituals and is the perfect power source to use to shred Goetic or Quantum Vacuum Intelligences (Liber 231) Demons for PF use the BPC in left sock to utilise the Tim Rifat Psychotronic Generator™.