All humans are biological computers running memes, ideas and actions. The memes add up to our society- the meme structure. It is the summation of all the memes, the suprameme, that defines reality for society.

All students of remote viewing are learning a new meme, perception of distant locations using protocols. All Americans are taught stages 1 to 8. This form of remote viewing is called CRV (Coordinate Remote Viewing). With theta induction we get the remote viewing taught by leading US RV Companies.

It is a well known fact to insiders that only 1% of US military technical remote viewing was ever disclosed to the public. All US remote viewing can be blocked out, as was disclosed to me by the CIA. Thus all US miltary sites remain inviolate to US RV.

Russian RV as taught, has no innate limitations and can probe every US Military site, and Russian RS can scan the mind of every US agent. Hence the uneasy truce between the two countries. The Soviet Union imploded because of negative memetic energy parasite corruption of the goup mind of the Russian communists. A similar things is now occuring to the American group mind as it starts World War III, the war on any non-American thinking group. Where this terrorist group is defined as moslem, antiglobalisation, antitransnational, anticapitalist, antifreemarket…

This rigid definition of allowable and non-allowable memes, to establish the sum of memes that makes up the planned new society – the New World Order, is the most basic form of RI. Since all of humanity has suffered this form of meme suppression RI for millenia, its originators being the negative memetic energy parasites, that seek to define the meme path – history, by suppressing unwanted memes, nothing has changed. Or has it?

Ironically, US disclosure of RV, RS and RI has made this approach to managing the world society untenable.

One person practising RI can change world history and society… if and only if they are free of negative memetic parasitism. As in this state the RI adept has a mind of their own, not a parasitic memetic mind that holds them prisoner. This one fact eluded the mighty Soviet Union, where all its RI experts never realised they themselves were Remote Influenced by mudshadows, predators who had no desire for humans to take over the running of things. Even after the fall of Communism, Russian experts still argue with each other about Catastroika, the implosion of Russia.

Luckily the bulk of US citizens have access to the internet and a multitude of new memes that do not fit in with the above model of Old World Order, New World Order. If we dump the lot and use RV science to its limit, what new memes and opportunities arise.

Remote Viewing can easily be learnt from my new book Remote Viewing, Vision, 2001. RI can easily be added to the list of memes by learning that RI has two basic laws.

  1. The more energy you have, the more you can influence. In our old meme view, this means the more money energy you have, the more influence you have. In our new meme view, this means the larger our biophysical field, the more we can influence other smaller biophysical fields – other people. Energy can be gained by stopping energy loss from memetic energy parasites using a psychic protection psycrystal. Energy can be gained from feeding on these energy predators as the psycrystal for psychic protection feeds you with their energy. The psycrystals for love, money, health, antiaging, RV and psychic powers and luck, pump all these types of energy in to you. This means in a short time you can acquire the energy to RI anyone.
  2. Energy must be focussed into a coherent beam – a laser-like awareness-directed attention (see my book Remote Viewing) for effective RI. We all know how powerful a small force concentrated into a tiny area is, for example, stilleto heels, nails, knife points… (Russian remote killers learnt how to focus their energy on the capilliaries in the brain to cause fatal aneurisms in the victim. A similar thing can be done on the blood vessels in the heart to cause heart attacks.


The BTRI system charges the RI adept automatically and focusses the energy on the intended result. As the psycrystals are quantum computers, it has enabled the programming of the BTRI psycrystals for only civilian purposes. Unlike all other competitors, Tim Rifat has never worked for the military as he had no wish to use this technology for military purposes.

One can learn RI as simple protocols, but the student will find that unlike RV, RI cannot be learnt as a set of techniques. This is because RV is a low energy pursuit, while RI is a high energy pursuit. Energy beats technique hands down in the RI world. To prove this purchase an RI course from a US company and try to RI the author. You will find that not only does it not work, but my psycrystal protection consumes your biophysical body leaving you weak. Once this is done get a friend to use behavioural kinesiology muscle testing (invented by Dr. Mark Diamond MD) to show your thymus and body depleted. Protocols for this is in our RS Course.

Since energy is the currency of RI, psycrystals were created to give the RI adept the energy to begin RI, when simple protocols proved useless. The BTRI system uses Seven Psycrystals because RV of future civilizations proved this was the optimal number of psycrystals for tactical RI. Scientifically the seven psycrystals are the imaginary components of an octonionic field, with the RI operator as the real component. This forms the eight components of the octonionic field, the heart of BTRI. Octonion mathematics is now at the heart of new research into the Theory of Everything carried out by physicists. As a scientist, using RV to steal technology from the future gives the author the ability to give the public technology from the far future.

By superpumping the RI adept’s energy field, till it not only expands to optimal size, but becomes superconductive to biophysical fields, thus generating its own torsionic soliton fields, all manner of RI becomes possible.

For the healer, the mastery of RS is necessary before RI can be used on the patient. As a Remote Sensor I can verify that scanning the patient for disease prior to RI the problem using BTRI can be very effective – no matter what the problem. If one is going to self-heal, just sit in the BTRI pentacle facing the Health psycrystal. Using Directed Attention link the psycrystal to the diseased area. For cancers and related growth pull out all the bioplasmic energy in the tumour via the psycrystal and keep draining the growth till it withers and dies. Organ degeneration should be addressed by first using Directed Attention to link the organ to the health psycrystal. Drain out the negative memetic morphogenic field that is causing the disease in the organby pulling the black cloud of energy in the organ into the health psycrystal. Repeat this procedure until the organ is free of the black miasma. Then link the organ to the psycrystal using Directed Attention, then pull it in your mind’s eye int the health psycrystal. It will then pop back into your body. Continue the procedure until the bioplasmic energy in your organ has been replaced by healthy morphogenic field. By building up a healthy morphogenic field around the now damaged, but non-diseased organ, you are stimulating regrowth – something unknown to medicine at present.

US RI Protocols Draw the User

There are many US Companies offering RI protocols. Based on theta and delta brainwave functioning to access RI capabilities using their own special protocols; alas this approach leads to the user draining his life force to RI others. The Soviet Union under Yuri Andropov during the 1980’s spent $500,000,000 per year on psychotronic research. Russians used the above methods, the ones now sold by US firms – but many orders of magnitude more advanced. As the expert on RI, the author states as fact that this form of RI not only has a limited effect, it causes the dissolution of the user, in this case the mighty Soviet Empire.

Studying RI protocols the US user lowers his consciousness to theta (or delta) and attempts to use his biophysical field to manipulate the target’s brain function. From the perspective of a remote viewer, the RI neophyte ‘lights up’ like a beacon, his energy is transferred to the target who ‘lights up’ as a double vision-like energy sphere. So far so good. Ignoring the obviou let us look at the RI neophyte’s body while his biophysical body is on the target. The light show of his RI activities attracts entities whose natural environment is the quantum reality of the biophysical body; called the second attention by Don Juan, the astral by occultists or the dreaming world by shamanism. While the biophysical field is away on the target these predatory memetic parasites latch on to the RI neophyte in his weakened state. The RI neophytes activities lit him/her up and so attracted the predators, the biological field being elsewhere and offering no protection. Another sad fact is that humans have memetic energy parasites called mudshadows by Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan buried in their energy bodies feeding off their life force. These parasites do not like their ‘cattle’ displaying RI abilities so they try to destablise the RI neophyte who suffers vicious mood swings that liberate emotional energy – the life force devoured by mudshadows. The net effect of this is the rapid deterioration of the health and sanity of RI neophytes. US military RI microchipped multiple personality disorder induced psychics burn out very quickly for this reason and have to be replaced with fresh recruits.

The proper way to conduct RI is to use psycrystals to expunge all memetic parasites. Use psycrystals to feed off all quantum reality predators energy fields, by shredding them as they attack. This energy is then used by the psycrystal to rebuild the shattered biophysical and physical energy field of the user; the result of years of memetic energy parasite depradation. After months of use the human energy fields are rebuilt. Then the energy field of the biophysical body is expanded in seven different ‘imaginary’ directions with the physical energy field acting as the real direction; this is done using the seven BTRI psycrystals as an octonion matrix. Once the human energy field has been expanded to its full potential, then RI can begin of others. As from the position the RI adept has the ability to feed off al memetic energy parasites, as well as having the energy to RI others.

Remote Viewing is possible using US protocols as many many people can attest. The problems arise when Remote Viewing the future. Here it is found that US and Russian protocols start to become inaccurate, though the Russian protocols are more effective. How is it that the future is so cloudy? When the biophysical body ventures along the time direction it immediately meets quantum reality entities, the inorganic beings, who naturally inhabit this realm. These creatures can naturally broadcast visions, using the thoughts in our minds, hence the RV’er sees what he expects or what the memetic energy parasite wants him or her to see.

Remote Influencers can attack these memetic energy parasites and thus remotely view the future perfectly, carving their way through the illusion. By this method far futures in many time-lines can be visited stealing technology from each. The economic repercussions of remotely viewing the future for high technology decades, century or millenia ahead are huge. RV Science is so named because the author remotely views science from the far future, purely theoretical science not technology. By doing this one can build one’s knowledge base up to a level where one can cross into the next stage of human evolution. Designing realities where one can live, the rules of which the scientific parameters are those of the unified field emanations one has aligned with to create this protoreality. Reaching this perspective one can see that the ‘reality’ we live with in and die within, has been created by memetic energy parasites as a prison of our awareness, a prison we can easily break free from as remote influencers; a state in which we use the energy of our warders to break free.

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