The growth of virtual worlds on the Internet has enabled Tim Rifat the only scientist in the West to have full control of Psi-Space to offer the public access to Torsion Field computing that converts virtual reality and avatars into Psi-Space: reality and avatars. So you can design your own virtual self, build virtual property, buy virtual cars, yachts, trophy: wives, husbands; virtual friends, virtual businesses, virtual adventure milieus, virtual embassies, virtual countries, virtual game realities….then using Real Virtual Science: RVScience convert these to Psi-Space: self, property, cars, yachts, wives, husbands, friends, businesses, adventure milieus, embassies, countries, game realities…

We know the Egyptians, Chinese (terra cotta) Emperor, Toltec Shamans… built pyramids, tombs, containing possessions, models of slaves, soldiers… so they could build real world Psi-Space homes, environments in Psi-Space, the pyramids and tombs acting as Psychotronic Crystals™ (quartz, sandstone…) to produce the Torsion Fields (avoid Western info on Torsion Fields look at the Russian research from all their major universities).  That warp Psi-Space to produce real environments from virtual ones: Real Virtual Science: RV Science. Now with the Internet and servers and hard drives that can be converted into Torsion Field generators one can using Real Virtual Science convert virtual environments and avatars into real environments and avatars in Psi-Space. The RV Science Service simply transcribes any virtual environments into Psi-Space using the world Internet which Tim Rifat has sequestered so that all the rotating hard drives generate a gestalt Torsion Field, Torsionic Soliton, that turns your virtual world into an artefact, creation, avatar in Psi-Space. Far future science that has sequestered the primitive Internet turning it into a Psi-Net that can generate your virtual creation in Psi-Space. Since Torsion Fields once generated are self self-sustaining (Russian research) the Internet is then superfluous to the Psi-Space environment, avatar once the RV Science Service has been carried out guaranteeing longevity and security.

The RVScience Service consists of downloading into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ the quantum computing engine  to convert any virtual programme into a Psi-Space programme. So you can enjoy using Lucid Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, bilocation, Remote Viewing, Directed Attention, guided meditation your chosen virtual creation in Psi-Space. So all consuming is this far future Full Spectrum Dominance reality control that you can pull any virtual world avatar into Psi-Space then change it so you are in control. Then alter it to control the avatar in it. From there you enter the mind of the real world person who created the virtual avatar and world to control the mind of that person by moving that person’s avatar around in your Psi-Space sequestration of their Psi-Space so they become mind controlled, Manchurian Candidate avatars of your Psi-Space so giving you control of the real world via Psi-Space and all virtual worlds. The ultimate in 21st Century Remote Influencing computer mediated mind control. This is the technology the Chinese Remote Influencers have been honing on their independent Internet to turn China since the 1980’s from Third World Country to the pre-eminent Superpower. Now you can have access to Torsion Field Internet Psi-Space Psychokinesis, Mind Control, Remote Influencing, Reality Control to enable you to pull any one you like into your Psi-Space world so they hallucinate being there so you can have them at your mercy to do with at your whim and the carryover is Mind Control of their real world. Any one who uses the Internet can be pulled into your Psi-Space creation so you can dominate their physical world via their mind. Mind Control for the 21st Century.

The Egyptians built pyramids with their possessions and models of their servants to set up a second life, afterlife, in Psi-Space. Now all the work has been done for you with the score or more virtual worlds listed on… Second Life has 6 million members (2007) so there are 6 million people Intending Second Life into being in Psi-Space, giving their Hyperinfinity to collapse the Quantum Wave Function to manifest Second life in Psi-Space. This means you can use this Service to actually Lucid View, Lucid Live in Second Life… Voodoo chat Psi-Space.  All the hard drives of all the users being sequestered by this Bone Generator™ Service to produce the Torsion Fields to effect Psi-Space and the real world as well as the Anglo Demonic Reality (Matrix) of the Zionist Empire. Now you can download your biophysical being into the virtual world to be the ghost in the machine  the computers running these virtual worlds producing the Torsion Fields to run your biophysical being in Psi-Space and as an avatar in the virtual world of the computer so after death as in life you can Lucid View, Lucid Dream and now Lucid Live in Real (Psi-Space) Virtual (computer generated space): RVScience being. Lucid Living is enabled y this Service so you can Remotely Influence in Psi-Space, virtual space as you Lucid Live using this Service.

The Psi-Lord hypersite is available using this RV Science Service so you can walk around each of the websites in Psi-Space each of the websites, pages and products having exclusive areas of Psi-Space dedicated to their Powers. So simply visiting those Psi-Space areas using Lucid Viewing downloads them to your Mnemonic Palace so you have in your Psi-Space environment a simulacrum of the Psi-Lord Psi-Space world Tim Rifat has built in the Second Attention, Third Attention… We know ideas live far beyond their creators and live in Psi-Space so by this process you can live after death in your idea space carefully constructed in Psi-Space by this Bone Generator™ Service throughout your life so like the Pharaohs you can live in the reality you wish after life a perfect after world for the Psi-Master. Or you can at your leisure wake up in your Psi-Space while still alive and then vanish into your own Intent world, first written about by Carlos Castaneda in: The Fire From Within. To do this you have to imagine every detail. As modern man has a short attention span, computer virtual reality used as a template for the shaping of Psi-Space is mandatory due to this attention deficit disorder. All the virtual world websites and systems are therefore a giant Psi-Space playground for Psi-Masters as the wageslave sits in front of his computer screen and Intends to be in the virtual world giving you the Hyperinfinity to set Psi-Space in that virtual template with the Psi-Master in control.

To navigate the growing Psi-Space equivalent of virtual realities you simply access that virtual world and then Lucid View bilocate into it. This Bone Generator™ Service allows you to add your own levels, backdoors, additions… As you can pull the participants of the virtual worlds into the RVScience Psi-Space simulation you can keep them there so their biophysical bodies are trapped there with you in control so the Psi-Master can control their minds 24/7. When you get the requisite energy you can pull them into the Psi-Space Intent bodily to have them as a player in your Psi-Master game. 2013 reality where this timeline becomes a dream-like reality can be seen now as the spread of real virtual science to turn the entire virtual Internet world into a Psi-Space overlay. From there using the computers and servers a Torsion Field generators one can sequester the physical world then unravel it to make it fade away as the wageslave is pulled into the Psi-World simulation that has become the new reality, 2013 reality. The ability of computer virtual reality to supply the detail to the Psi-Master with poor attention (modern devolved man) allows the Lucid Viewing of a real Psi-Space continuum created in the minds of all the virtual world users.

With the growth of virtual worlds, game worlds, the use of the wageslave’s Hyperinfinity using this Service allows you to step into that world, pull in others and play, awake or asleep. The more you enter the RV World the more and more real it becomes until you can step physically into it (Castaneda’s: The Fire From within, The Art of Dreaming). Pull others into it and from their use the Anglo Demonic Matrix as the virtual world that is erasable like the virtual world after you have used it as the model for the Psi-Space world, changing it to become the Omega Simulation where virtual game powers are not only possible but mandatory. The Psi-Master with the most energy becoming the most powerful. As Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth created the Anglo Demonic Reality in this way using original Man’s energy to make it real, populating it with it’s creations, sequestering the process and reversing it turns Matrix from real to virtual after which it can be changed at will. This process is happening, thousands (tens of thousands…) Chinese Remote Influencers, linked by the Chinese internal Internet, using converted hard drives as Torsion Field Generators to amplify their Remote Influencing, concentrating on one target simultaneously (see Chinese Remote Killing) have turned China into the Superpower. As the process continues Internet RI will grow in power to control all wageslaves via virtual to real Psi-Space Psychokinesis inevitably brining in 2013 reality. This Service allows you to duplicate Chinese research.

Real Virtual Science Service Annual$600.00
Real Virtual Science Service Lifetime$1,000.00
Real Virtual Science Service Eternal$5,000.00