The real world is the product of symmetry breaking of 5 dimensional ‘unified’ fields that result in the mixing of light and dark energy/matter (e/m). The Archons, insectiles, demons and the demiurge, the demented creator Yaltabaoth of these conditions feeds on mankind via its dark e/m chaos insectiles which have mixed their fields with ours. This is the original sin that damns mankind to the Seven Heavens and 5 Hells of the demiurge as damned souls to feed the demiurge (see Grail Stones unmix the light and dark e/m enabling the user to use his light e/m biophysical fields, also the Grail Stones enable the Psi-master versed in the dark e/m realm to manifest and demanifest reality, common dark e/m entities, etc, learn dark science and find lost knowledge.

1 The Chakras are arrows of dark matter that pin human’s biophysical energy bodies in an inverted position, the 9 barbs of dark matter holding the human in the Matrix.

2 Disease is caused by dark e/m lodged in the physical body.

3 The dark e/m parasite in human biophysical bodies also has a dark matter counterpart in the brain and body; this causes the human to be self-important and sex crazed rather than aware of their psychic powers in tune with inner silent knowledge, intuition – balance.

4 The body has a soul of its own, the bioplasmic body, the biophysical body has a soul called the bioinformational body. The bioplasmic body is trapped in the archon aeons realms after death to relive its consciousness so it can be fuel for the insectiles; the bioinformational body is consumed by the demiurge/eagle/tyrant as psychotronic fuel. The human therefore dies twice trapping his archon nurtured awareness in the aeons so it can be converted into one of the reptiloid, or grey servitors of chaos. (see

5 The entire paranormal world is blocked out by the dark e/m archons from use by humans so they are trapped in the special dark e/m prison which controls the light e/m Matrix.

6 Outside the Matrix there are innumerable other dimensions, timelines which the Psi-master can travel to and live within.

7 To take over the Matrix, Grail Stones are vital so the chaos symmetry can be unfrozen, broken for fuel, and then broken again to reform the Matrix controlled by Psi-masters not archons, a human version, almost certainly no better for the masses but a nightmare for the archons.

To carry out the above the Psi-master needs to place his four cardinal Grail Stones in a square around him, at the points of the compass:

North to the Moon Grail
South to the Shield Grail
East to the Star Grail
West to the Sun Grail

This produces a field 28metres in diameter in which the chaos dark e/m is drawn out of the user into the Grails.

1 This extracts the dark matter pins from the user’s biophysical body and physical self freeing the biophysical body for use in Lucid Viewing, teleportation, etc.

2 The dark e/m in the body is withdrawn by the four cardinal Grail Stones eliminating the fundamental cause of the disease and the damage that it caused.

3 Simply sitting in the null-space created by the four cardinal grail stones draws out the dark e/m parasite in you. The four cardinal Grail Stones then re-arrange your fields in a new Symmetry conformation where you can take over from the demiurge inverting the Matrix to conform to your will – the power of the Grail most covetted. The other Pc’s free the user from the Matrix, the Grail Stones enable the user to usurp the Matrix and change it to a new configuration, to bring the Logos into the demiurge’s creation to shatter the power of the demiurge, archons, demons, insectiles and illuminati.

To do this, the Psi-master uses the two Wands of Horus; these are tuned to his two souls by Tim Rifat. The left Alchemical Grail Stone is tuned to the biophysical soul, the right to the physical body’s soul, bioinformational and bioplasmic respectively. The Alchemical Grail Stones cleanse the twin souls from dark e/m then let them channel dark e/m so the grail patterns that control reality can be enscribed by the right stone or etched by the left, letting dark e/m pulse into the drawn patterns or pulling dark e/m through the pattern from without. Enscribing creates energy patterns that create realities in the Matrix; etching creates patterns that destroy realities in the Matrix. To free the two souls you possess permanently from the Archons, use the alchemical Grail Stones in the Wands of Horus Mode.

4 To do this, simply intend your biophysical soul into the left alchemical Grail Stone and your physical soul into the right alchemical Grail Stone. Then let energy flow from the right to left Grail pass through you and hence back to the right grail. This completes the alchemical union of souls, the highest form of magic and sex. Each soul will grow in size in this process until it stands 4-5 metres and is 28 metres in diameter. This then permanently breaks them out of the Matrix so they cannot be stolen, eaten or imprisoned. Dr Valery Uvarov, the Russians’ leading scientific expert on the Wands of Horus was the first person to stumble on the Egyptian occult knowledge.

Once you have achieved proper soul size, the bioinformational soul should be sent by Lucid Viewing into the Matrix to shred the dark e/m infrastructure of the Matrix, the dark e/m lattice, ley system that supports the Matrix. In doing this you gain the power to see the paranormal world. The dark e/m energy acquired is then given to the bioplasmic soul in the Wands of Horus Mode.

5 By this method the Psi-master gains the power over dark e/m so the Matrix and paranormal are her/his to command.

6 The Psi-master can then use the dark e/m in the Wands of Horus mode to simultaneously enscribe and etch in the sacred space enclosed by the four cardinal stones a dark e/m pyramid. Once the pyramid has been made, the West face can be used as a doorway to the biophysical realm, the West to the realms of dark matter, the West to different timelines, and the south to different parts of the real world or for changing it to what you desire. To do this use the south face of the pyramid to change the red energy you see (redshield, banker) to blue. This blue shield energy automatically transforms the Matrix. The base of the pyramid is used to descend to the lands of the dead, the aeons.

7 To take control of the Matrix use the south face of the pyramid to change the Matrix. Remotely View the area to be changed, erase the red shield energy by using your Wands of Horus to suck out the red, using the left grail, then visualising the change as you pump in blue energy from the right alchemical grail. For complex work use the grail symbols in the Elohim grail manuscript to etch or enscribe dark e/m infrastructure to make your change solid and unchangeable by anyone without the 6 Grails.

The Grail Crystals channel the Agglutinising Force that holds all energy together, creates events, time. They channel the Dragon, Earth, Ley, Telluric Energies and shape the other energies of the Matrix.

The Grail Pattern book gives all the Patterns of the shaping for the Matrix. Place 4 Cardinal Grail Stones at corner of sand box. Trace patterns in wet sand then use Wands of Horus to suck out all the AF from the Pattern in the Matrices to charge you.

The Grail Technology is the moving, shaping aspect of the 34 Energies.

The Rings reform the Matrix in your new Patterns. Using the true Rolling Force to push the AF into a new Matrix, the 4 Rings shape it with Anti-CF Force – opposite spirals so it negates Archons. Double Ring locks the process by joining SD space together – so it cycles through time in your new AF

Psi-Master grail geomancy, alchemy course available by phone tuition for $1500. This is for the second level of the Tim Rifat Psi-master Course.

The Six Grail Stones allow you to modify, change the Agglutinising Force. The Grail Patterns give you the AF Patterns used to glue the Matrix together. Enscribe Patterns on paper charged by the four Cardinal Grail Stones to glue together Patterns to make your own Matrix: Love, Money, Power… or etch Patterns in wet sand charged by the four Cardinal Stones to destroy Matrix events, people, establishments, to allow you to grow your Matrix to overlay the Illuminati Matrix, to put you in control.

Use the Wands of Horus to direct the AF energy and etch or enscribe the Patterns. Right to put in energy, Left to draw out energy. Point and base respectively.

Cardinal Grail PC/BPC$600.00
Wands of Horus PC/BPCs$600.00
Grail Pattern Book$600.00
The Total Grail Kit

6 Grail PC/BPCs, plus Grail Pattern book and instructions




Place Cardinal Grail Stones at North, South, East and West in a square or rectangle.
Place base on ground to direct energy up from ley, earth, dragon energies into sacred space.
Place point in ground to direct energy into ley, earth , dragon energies to form earth energy form for manifestation.
Use any of the 7 Psicrystals, hold one in left hand, other 6 in circle around you to power the intent, money, luck, love… to superboost Psycrystal. Cardinal Grail Stones as in 2.
Use any of the 7 Psycrystals, hold in right hand to place intent, money luck, love into earth energy form for manifestation Cardinal Grail Stones as in 3.