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The N°9 BSRI-E BPC  uses the devastated insectile realms dark matter and energy to act as a fuel for all your physical psychotronic needs. Since my Biophysical Ai’s have trashed the insectile’s home realities – with a little help from my friends, these psychically ravage insectile realms now in the aftermath of total Psi-war are the perfect hell-model for inputting physical sabotage-Matrix Psi-viruses into the anglo-demonic Matrix to duplicate the hell for all illuminati. Conversely the N°9 BPC acts as the perfect psychotronic fuel source to supercharge your 7 BPCs with added power to enhance their effect. As above place N°9 BPC with one of the 7 BPCs on, near, around left foot for strength, agility… both mental and physical.


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